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Wake up! A kick in the pants...

Your life will be impacted by who it is that wins the next election.  This is especially true of the office of Governor of Wisconsin.  Regardless of how many lies and exaggerations Scott Walker puts out in his ads and comments, his administration, past and present, has been horrible.  His PROMISE about job creation in the State has turned out to be a dismal failure.  Income in Wisconsin has actually fallen under Walker.  He pro-actively fought to deny women equal pay for equal work in Wisconsin.  In both his time as Milwaukee Country Executive and Wisconsin Governor, his staffs have had people actually convicted of crimes related to their jobs under Walker.  Walker and his supporters have fought to have poor people and minorities especially denied voting rights with their fight for photo identification in order to vote [with no evidence of wide-spread voter fraud as the right-wing has stated].  Walker and his supporters have fought to have the government poke its head into the examining rooms of physicians treating women.  Walker is opposed to abortion, even in the cases of rape and incest.  It goes on and on, folks.  This man is a horrible governor.

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John Doe reveals more Scott Walker sleaziness

When is it enough to finally say, "Governor Walker is just too crooked to hold the office as head of the State of Wisconsin"?  The latest John Doe revelations about Walker's communications and intra-office dealings are just plain horrid.  It is easy to see why the right-wingers and Walker fought so hard to silence the John Doe findings.  And we still don't know all that was found.  But what was found and revealed is so damning that it is impossible to vote for Scott Walker with a clear conscience.

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Opinion: Walker doesn't deserve Governorship

Yes, I want to openly state my belief that Scott Walker does not deserve to be Governor of Wisconsin.  That includes his ethics, morals, law-breaking associates, and many more things highlighted below.

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Shaking the tree...

Each of us gets in a rut.  Some of us stay there for a lifetime.  We rarely realize the rut we have nestled into.  And most ruts are concocted because we feel comfortable in them.  We get there, we know what to expect, we have come to agree with what we find or search for there, we believe truth exists there, etc.

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USA continues to fail internationally

It is not about whether Obama should have bombed Syria sooner, or used American troops to straighten things out in Iraq, or whatever.  In a real sense, those are not the major issues that currently or in the past have meant most in U.S. international actions.  We have been failing for generations.

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