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Media must follow-through

While American media has been honored through the years for its journalistic excellence, it has also been timid when it came to certain aspects of our social and economic culture.  As far back as the way Henry Ford supported Adolf Hitler and got an award from Hitler for his Nazi/fascist support, the gaps in credibility here have been alarming at times.  While American media seems to have simply overlooked duPont's attempts to build a revolution to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt, there are things that are happening in the U.S. today that seem to be ignored in an ongoing vacuum.  Here are a few that get little or no attention...

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Buying politicians has become brazen

At least we have to give the right-wingers credit for something.  Instead of hiding their influence-buying and influence-peddling, they have come right out into the open to do it.  A generous donor to the Wisconsin Republican Party feels the state legislators owe him some favors.  And so he has asked a Republican to introduce a bill in the state legislature that will result in reducing the amount of money he has to pay in alimony support.  How's that for feeling safe with openly buying votes and openly asking for favors?  Amazing.

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Wish list for 2014

Oh, that we could find some politicians who are NOT beholden to some monied interest group.

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Newspaper should investigate Sensenbrenner and Johnson

As U.S. Congressman James Sensenbrenner and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson have a hissy fight about how to best damage Obamacare, it is time the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and/or other news periodicals take a look at the actions, legislative decision-making, and past financial investments of these two conservatives.

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The American Dream becoming a nightmare

Yes, it is nice to blow horns, throw confetti, and celebrate the coming of a new year.  However, for more and more Americans, this is not a time for celebrating.  The future looks less secure, less hopeful, and certainly less just.  America has hit the skids, and it is Americans who are causing it.

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