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Hillary Clinton & George Clooney: Prez ticket?

I thought that headline would get your attention. George Clooney has been rumored to be giving thought to running for political office. Is it crazy to think of Clooney as a vice presidential candidate on a ticket with Hillary Clinton? Clooney, a Hollywood actor?!? Well, let's consider how crazy it would be for a Hollywood actor to give serious consideration to a run for national public office. Does the name Arnold Schwarzeneggar come to mind? Not exactly a genius, and his movies were often rather stupid. But Arnie was elected Governor of the largest state in the U.S. twice. Ronald Reagan? He also made some horrible movies, and thinking of a future President playing around in a role with a monkey is strange indeed. And like Arnold, Reagan did not practice fidelity in marriage. And like Arnold, Ronnie was never considered to be a mental giant as he acted as a puppet for right-wing causes [after he left the Democrat Party because his star was not rising there]. So, Reagan had a philandering private life, was not considered especially intelligent, and threw himself behind the political party that offered him the best political future.Other rather recent unlikely candidates for Vice President who got elected: Dan Quayle, Spiro Agnew, Dick Cheney. Now there is a trio of VPs who scare the heck out of me. George Clooney has done some political and quasi-political things in his career. They often revolved around serving downtrodden people around the globe, and supporting causes for the underserved in the U.S. And Mr. Clooney certainly does not have the questionable ethics and morals of those Vice Presidents listed above. Frankly, I think George Clooney might make a wonderful Vice President. Compare George Clooney to the VPs listed above. And don't forget the infamous Vice President Richard M. Nixon.

Through the right-wing din, a compliment for Obama

In President Barack Obama's recent speech he outlined his historic observations, his outlook for the future, and some general comments about America's special place in the world. 

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What ever happened to our democracy?

Democracy requires some sort of equality and honesty if it is to survive.  Think about it.                        Some of the more famous "forced-truths" that an oligarchy of wealth has foisted on us that simply are not true...

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How low must Gov. Walker go?

Scott Walker brought with him to the Governor's mansion a host of smarmy and quasi-legal tactics.  A John Doe investigation found six of his staff guilty of crimes committed while serving him in the Milwaukee County Executive's position.  Walker already had a history of extreme favoritism when he served in the Wisconsin legislature. 

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Pay attention to Wis. Republican statements

 Meeting in Milwaukee this weekend, the state Republican Party has had to hide from itself.  If could not possibly be open and up-front or it would erase itself.  So, it had to do a double-shuffle, a magical trick in order to have the general public accept the Republicans without up-chucking.  Consider...

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