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Obamacare good for capitalism

Without a single shred of substantiated evidence, Obamacare has been chastised by right-wingers who hate President Obama and want to take down one of his most important accomplishments.

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Time to bind up our wounds

OK, the election is over.  We know clearly who won.  Now what?

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Merit citizenship: VOTE!

Get out and vote!  No photo I.D. is required.  If you need a kick in the pants, here is why you should vote:

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Burke FINALLY gets accurate media

Well, it took awhile, but I see the so-called mainstream media finally got the story correct regarding the charge that Mary Burke was fired by Trek.  She was not!  And when such a story comes out days before the election, offered by a fired Trek employee, it does not take a mental genius to realize it is a scam and a lie.  But for some reason it became the lead story in much of mainstream media in Wisconsin.  Disgusting.

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Burke wasn't fired, but Walker should be

Imagine, the media runs with a headline story about Mary Burke being fired at Trek, even when the charge about her was leveled by two staunch Republican supporters.  And they were actually released from Trek for unsatisfactory work themselves.  Has professionalism totally left the media?  Does anyone in the media have any ethics or professional morals?  And for these distortions to suddenly be released a few days before the election!  Have the Koch brothers also bought out the media's credentials?

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