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Enough Vatican-Archdiocese failure to face the kids honestly

One can assume that sexual and other abuse of children has been taking place in the Roman Catholic Church for hundreds of years.  All the time it has shown the amazing ability of the Roman Church to cover it all up.  Part of their ability to do so hinges on their insistence that their followers devoutly adhere to rules that would put any colonial power to shame.  Today somewhat more enlightened Catholics do not permit that adherence to these almost prehistoric, colonial rules.  But when it comes to covering itself from blame or legal charges, it closes ranks and exhibits its hedonistic secrecy and power.  But even this is now slipping somewhat, even as the Roman Church holds on desperately to its age-old power.

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Go forward with John Doe!!!

Once again the right-wing groups, financed by huge sums of money, want to stop a legal investigation of underhanded and strong-arm dealings in our democratic system.  It isn't as though a John Doe investigation is somehow strong-arming the democratic process.  Quite the opposite.  The John Doe is investigating to see if strong-arm or expensive tactics were used to circumvent the democratic process by Scott Walker insiders.

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Is there an honest hopeful for Prez?

It has been wonderful to watch the Obama family conduct itself during President Obama's terms in the White House.  Under great pressure, with bigots and extreme right-wingers waiting for him to make some big personal, moral, or ethical miscue, President Obama and his family have shown us a wonderful American family.  It is especially heart-warming because of all the added pressure and scrutiny added to this First Family because it is the first African-American family in the White House.

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Guns have us at war with ourselves

Gun deaths in the United States in 2013:  11,419 killed

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Media must follow-through

While American media has been honored through the years for its journalistic excellence, it has also been timid when it came to certain aspects of our social and economic culture.  As far back as the way Henry Ford supported Adolf Hitler and got an award from Hitler for his Nazi/fascist support, the gaps in credibility here have been alarming at times.  While American media seems to have simply overlooked duPont's attempts to build a revolution to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt, there are things that are happening in the U.S. today that seem to be ignored in an ongoing vacuum.  Here are a few that get little or no attention...

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