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Halloween costume suggestions...

Here are some sure-fire costumes for Halloween...

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In a couple more months we shall be tortured again with the same right-wing scam, lies, deceptions, greed, distortions, hostage-taking, selfishness, and repeated hurt to the American economy and future.  All that so that the likes of the Koch Brothers, Senator Cruz, the tea party, and the military-industrial complex can have their own way.  We have always had some right-wing extremes in the United States, but the current group has access to more media and more penetration into the minds of Americans.  They are not only dangerous, they are wrong.  These greed-merchants do not take any prisoners.

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Congress ignorant about shutdown effects

I'm writing to take issue with members of the U.S. House and Senate.  Yes, I know, everybody is sick and tired of their horrid performance.  However what is truly frightening is all the damage being done by these legislative "leaders" because they simply do not know the law, and they are oblivious to what the result is of their shutdown actions.

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Another Republican recession looming

Crazy?  Immature?  Irresponsible?  Irrational?  Selfish?  Aping?  Ignorant?  Unenlightened?  Terrorism?

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As with most actions in politics, if you want to know who really is calling the shots, follow the money

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