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With the passing of Nelson Mandela people the world over will comment in every medium possible about what he meant to the mural of history.  Some of it will be informative, some will be self-serving, some will be a lot of hot wind, etc.  If one studies history it is relatively easy to see him as one of the brightest lights of the past two centuries.  For Americans, I believe his role combines elements of those of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Socrates, and George Washington.  He was a giant of a man who represented humility and pragmatism.

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When Republicans were not all for sale...

The date: January 17, 1961.  The speaker: President Dwight David Eisenhower.  Political party: Republican!  Occasion: IKE's farewell address to the Nation.

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America has surrendered to wealth & greed

Greed is ignorant about sharing, or decides to purposely ignore it.  The greedy farmer says, "All I want is the land next to mine."  That is, unfortunately, how too many wealthy Americans view sharing.  Meanwhile they go on with record-breaking profits and still want tax breaks.  How to view this.  Emergency!  Wake up, America.  Your country is being purchased by groups of right-wing, selfish, greedy, bigoted, narrow-minded, influence-buying zealots.  They are destroying our democracy.  Wake up!

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The hypocrisy continues from the right-wing...

...continuing on from past two blog entries...

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And "holy" Christians judge Moslems...

Continuing from my last blog entry...

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