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Ukraine what?

In order to get a grasp on matters in Eastern Europe, especially The Ukraine, it is important to recognize that Vladimir Putin, Russian leader, has a personality and disposition composed of at least four dangerous characteristics. 1. He was the former leader of clandestine forces in the USSR. 2. He is not a particularly intelligent man. 3. He is trying to piece together again the Russian empire. 4. He is a brute and reacts violently from his moderate body size. It should also be observed that the United States has many "leaders" who possess similar characteristics. The U.S. has leaders who want to jump to military action ASAP. Therefore we have a dangerous mixture of "leaders" on both sides of the Ukrainian conflict. Important in all this from the very beginning is that the U.S. should NOT draw lines in the sand. We have "leaders" in our country who feel the need to flex their muscles, throw U.S. might around, and get us into horrible international situations that we cannot back up or sustain. Difficult as it is to find them, we need intelligent minds to prevail at this time. Putin is aware of the mess he has got himself into. But unless we have international cooperation from our European allies, the U.S. cannot bring enough pressure on Russia to dramatically change its aggressive stance in Eastern Europe. The shooting down of the Malaysian flight should be a wake-up call for Germany, Britain, France, etc. Together we can bring enough pressure on Russia to make some positive things evolve. But unanimity is essential. Further, we need to be aware of the psychological nature of Putin when we confront him. This does not mean being afraid. It means being aware of the man, and his now-precarious situation. Once again, intelligence needs to prevail. A psychological evaluation of Putin should be undertaken. Missile-rattling will not work. This all means we will have as much of a problem with our own "leaders" in trying to resolve problems. Intellect and wisdom are not prevalent in Washington, DC. Our international decisions in the past several decades have been disastrous. We cannot continue to ignore history, rather we need to be wise in our use of military force, we need to use intelligent decision-making, and finally, aggressive military reactions are self-defeating. Can the U.S. finally show some wisdom in how it conducts its foreign affairs?

Time to grow up about Cuba

Who could have known that the absolute disaster that was the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba would turn out to be but one in a list of horrible decisions made by the U.S. about that island-nation?  The CIA and others in the U.S. administration totally miscalculated and misdirected our reaction to the popular take-over in Cuba by Fidel Castro and his left-wing group.

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Who are we hating now?

If there is one constant in the evolution of "civilization," it has been bigotry, prejudice, war, hatred, etc.  Now we see Moslems as a violent "group" of people.  Let's take a look...

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Causes of war changing?

[Please excuse this all being in one problem]Throughout history wars have been mostly caused by similar factors. These included territory, political failure, religion, travel routes, resources, greed. Each of these causes has risen or fallen in being a primary source for war. But in the 20th and 21st centuries, one of these factors seems to have risen in importance and causation. Greed seems to have become more prevalent in starting recent wars. Our horrible choice to invade Iraq was built on greed. And ignorance and greed have become a hallmark of too much of American foreign policy. We need look no farther than one of our former Vice Presidents, Dick Cheney. When he left Halliburton as CEO to become our Vice President, he was given a large pay-out. Halliburton took good care of Cheney, and now they expected Cheney to return the favor. He did in spades. One of the American corporations that had tremendous profit garnered from its participation in the War in Iraq was Halliburton. And Halliburton didn't even need a contract to do so. It was simply given money to do some dirty work for Bush-Cheney in Iraq. Disgusting. Not only did the Bush, Cheney, Perle, Rove, Rumsfeld, etc. sleazy group get us into the Iraq debacle, they now have the audacity to blame the Obama administration for the current mess there. If we had not made the horrible mistake of invading Iraq, there would be no mess. Period. Now the current right-wing in Congress is advocating for more military intervention in that quagmire. You don't need a vivid imagination to realize that some of the big right-wing supporters will benefit greatly from the war profits that will result ...again! Anyone with even an elementary knowledge of the history and situation in Iraq would have known from the beginning that you cannot simply inject your military might into Iraq [a non-nation, really] and expect it to suddenly become a unified, democratic nation. What fools would believe that? What dolts would believe that and put a "Mission Accomplished" sign on an American war ship and have President Bush stand underneath the sign and tell us democracy now prevails in Iraq? What we now have in Iraq is the result of the combination of circumstances that prevail in Washington, DC: greed and ignorance.

Politics thrives in denial

If you search for something that seeps into all facets of politics, you will find that denial plays a role from left to right.  Each of us lives in our own little wonderland of denial.  And so we accept or allow it in local, state, regional, and national politics.  Washington, DC and Madison, WI breed denial in all things political, social, and economic.

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