Gun killing on live TV

As soon as the television station in Roanoke, Virginia experienced the murder of its reporter and cameraman, there were questions about whether or not this should be shown by other stations in their nightly newscasts.  Of course most stations decided not to run it exactly as it happened.

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C'mon Joe, join the circus

 Will Vice President Joe  Biden enter the Presidential sweepstakes?

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Trump & Reagan: two phony Republicans

 You already clearly realize that Donald Trump says whatever will get him attention, and maybe even get him  nominated for President.  He is a charlatan and has changed his mind about many things constantly.  But to conservatives, Ronald Reagan is a true-blue conservative who showed clearly his moral fiber, his strong stand for America, his belief in true democracy, and above all, his Republican Party foundation.

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SANDERS and trump...what?

 Yes, Bernie Sanders has risen in the polls as a contender for the Democratic Party's nominee for President of the United States.  He ain't gonna make it.  I absolutely appreciatate what he is saying.  It would be fantastic to have a Social Democrat as President.  We need someone to take back our democracy from purchased elections and favors for the wealthy.  But Sanders can't be nominated or elected.  We are far too right wing in America to allow it.  

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No Presidential timber in that debate

Our nation has begun a horrible slide.  A vivid example of how far we have tumbled was the line-up of candidates for the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States.  The President of the United States!  What a pathetic group of stooges.  Those that did not make the  top ten and therefore not included in the debate, were a better group.  But why can't we get quality, intelligent, objective, democratic, HONEST candidates for the highest office in the world?

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