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Splendid Obama legacy building

Think back to the bigoted and right-wing hatred about President Obama when he first took office. He was called everything from unchristian to Moslem to atheist. Watching him at the funeral of the Charleston AME pastor, Obama could not have been more at home. He was home. He was among Christian people. His message was marvelous in its Christian base. His ease with having his sermon slide into "Amazing Grace" was phenomenal. His presence there was truly amazing. President Obama has been among the leaders to get equal rights for same-sex marriages. No one, at the beginning of Obama's tenure, could have guessed the conservative Supreme Court would grant permission and even legal support to same-sex marriage. It happened in the administration of President Barack Obama. The White House was lit in colors to celebrate the same-sex marriage action. What a giant step forward for the United States of America, led by President Obama. Amazing. Since President Teddy Roosevelt administrations have fought to get major repair and adjustments in American health care. The only industrial nation in the world without a fair health care system. Try and try as they might, presidents failed to make it happen. But President Barack Obama DID overhaul the health care system in the U.S. to make it more fair. Millions who were not or could not be insured joined in to finally get health care at an affordable price. No one was penalized for having a pre-existing condition. An amazing accomplishment for President Obama. The right-wing Republicans in Congress and elsewhere fought tooth and nail to overturn Obama's Affordable Care Act. They failed. Even a conservative Supreme Court upheld it. Defeating it had been the Number One objective of the right-wing Republicans. Absolutely amazing. The legacy of President Barack Obama, against tremendous odds, is building and building. We are indeed fortunate to have a President who is able to accomplish so many monumental things, fighting a constant up-hill battle. [Please note that this system is not allowing me to use proper paragraph structure. There is apparently a flaw.]

A good time to discuss Race

With events in Charleston, South Carolina, and the confusions surrounding the race of the woman who was executive of the Spokane NAACP, this is a good time for the United States to get serious and OBJECTIVE in discussing race and related matters.

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Are candidates listening?

As I listen to the canned speeches of the presidential hopefuls, I am becoming increasingly aware that they are saying what their support money tells them and not anything that will help real people.  There are real needs today that are not being addressed. 

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THESE are our best presidential candidates???

C'mon, America, you can do better, much-much better. The list of candidates, announced and presumed, are just about void of intellect, lacking in openness, shallow in ethics and morals, ignorant about major swaths of American policy and responsibility, insensitive, lost in a greed-rich morass, and in many cases, even lacking in education. One would be hard-pressed to comment whole-heartedly about any one of these pretenders. They are a sorry bunch. Some people were surprised when a couple of the candidates made horrible jokes about the passing of Vice President Joe Biden's son, Beau. I was not. You don't have to dig very far to find examples of awful commentary by each of these lemons. This is not a "class" group. What can we do about this? With a voting public so ill-informed and poorly motivated about the United States and the world, we are stuck with these goofs. Neither political party will nominate a candidate who is honest, well educated, well informed, open, and HONEST. This is a sorry state of affairs. In fact, this is a sorry nation. We have lost our grip on a great many things. It shows ...oh, how it shows.

Is U.S. headed for disaster?

The upcoming presidential election is important for many reasons.  Framing in proper context what is so important is difficult.  In your gut you know it is important.

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