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USA continues to fail internationally

It is not about whether Obama should have bombed Syria sooner, or used American troops to straighten things out in Iraq, or whatever.  In a real sense, those are not the major issues that currently or in the past have meant most in U.S. international actions.  We have been failing for generations.

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USA has no clue about ISIS or ISIL

It is truly amazing how our elected officials in Washington, DC, and the people we pay to advise them, have absolutely no idea who or what ISIS is in the Middle East.  And the press is no more enlightened.  While the sinister ignorance is not as blatant as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and that gang, it is nevertheless extremely dangerous for the most powerful nation on earth to be so ill-informed about the world.  And it is especially dangerous when the place we are focusing our money, troops, planes, ammunition, money, support, weaponry, etc. is the Middle East.

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If Scotland votes to separate...

On September 17th the citizens of Scotland will vote whether they want to stay inside the United Kingdom with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, or get out and be an independent nation.  It is a very important election. Their decision will have an impact on other areas of the world.

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Doomsday: Top Tier Explodes

 Every single bit of factual information being released everyday indicates we are headed for a total collapse of the American economy.  While we know we are headed to doom, the people who are now reaping huge benefits cannot help themselves; greed overpowers any rational thinking.

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Middle East: More dangerous than ever

The United States has never been known to have a good grasp on foreign affairs and international relations.  In fact, worldwide involvements on the part of the USA have been embarrassingly stupid.  Not that we have not occasionally had good intentions.  But good intentions don't solve international problems.  A little bit of intellect and a little less capitalistic greed might help.

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