Obama: smart, educated, erudite & BLACK

OK, scream at me for playing the race card.  Is it just coincidental that about 10% of white voters in Alabama and Mississippi voted for Barack Obama?  That used to be the heart of the Democratic Party until it supported civil rights legislation.  Now the South is hard-core Republican and conservative.  Could it be that there was some racism involved?  Are you kidding?

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The right-wing talk shows are ablaze with dire warnings about the government.  You can't trust the government!  Talk shows and Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the right-wing media ranters warn us over and over that the government cannot be trusted with health care or anything.  Every right-wing politician screams against the government, even when the President is addressing Congress.  There are warnings about the government everywhere.  Except...

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"You lie!" comment in perspective

Yes, Congressman Wilson of South Carolina, you showed some lack of civilized decorum in blurting out what you did.  As a guest in your House, President Obama, should not be subjected to some crude comments by an elected official in the highest legislature in the land.  You shamed the room, you shamed your party, you shamed your country, and you shamed yourself.

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It is interesting, sometimes hilarious, the conclusions people draw about me from my blog.  Remember, this blog is but one tiny piece of who I am.  And I have tried in the past to post information about myself, but people come in and out of reading here, and they have no idea who I am.  So...

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Driving along in Shorewood, I noticed a kid on his bike.  He was alone,  He looked sad.  I was mentally transported to my own childhood.  I was sad often.  My childhood was lonely, desolate, isolating, and I lilterally fed and clothed myself from the age of eight.  I shined shoes in taverns, I sang for coins, I did whatever I had to do to exist.  That boy on a bike, a kid I knew nothing about, had got me in touch with my own childhood years.

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