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Mayor Tom Barrett: Speedy Recovery, Old Friend

Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, is a decent man.  He is a good family man.  He is an honest man.  Tom Barrett loves the city he serves.

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With the obvious need for health care facing us, why would people lie to prevent it?  Under the current, heavily flawed system, it will bankrupt the U.S., and with poorer results than in nations with universal health care.  We spend much, much more than the industrialized nations who have better health care outcomes.  How and why would people lie, cheat, give out misinformation, connive, scheme, distort, scare, shout, confuse, and use all sorts of thuggery to prevent health care reform from happening?

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Almost daily we are informed about some new electronic marvel that will make our lives better.  Whether it is in cyberspace, music, literature, telephones, communication, storage, autobiographical info, personal indulgent data, ad infinitum,  I ask you to consider --just consider and ponder-- the following...

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Use any search engine to find tons of undemocratic material posted by the right-wing, the neocon thugs.  [see below for a suggestion]  They tell you how to stop any health care reform.  They suggest that you go to town hall meetings of U.S. Senators and Congresspersons, disperse in the crowd to make you look like a bigger group, and then begin shouting as soon as the town hall opens for questions.  And keep shouting and shout louder and be more aggressive and threatening to the leader of the town hall.  This is the "democracy" of the right wing in America.  It is exactly how the Nazis came to power in Germany.  They turned democratic gatherings into melees and disruptive fights.  There is no room for the opinions of others.  There is no room for democracy for the right-wing, period.

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As Rush Limbaugh refers to Obama's plans as Nazi, he totally misunderstands what Nazi philosophy is.  It is an extreme right-wing perspective.  I don't think even Rush thinks Obama is a extreme right-winger.  I guess trying to label Obama as a socialist didn't work, so try the other direction.  Sad.

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