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Yes, the Republican Party, you know, the one that loves to strut its patriotism and family values, is embarked on a "gotcha" campaign to see that Obama fails, no matter how much it hurts America and Americans.  The simplest and most cruel policy now is to stop any attempt at helping people in the U.S. and turning around the economy.  Though it was the Republican Party that got us into this mess, they now want to sabotage any try at solving the dumpster economy they created.  Solving this monumental problem would be tough enough if both major parties worked together, but it is much, much more difficult when one is hell-bent on practicing economic terrorism simply to make a selfish point.  Yuck!

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"Bravely" standing in the way of a greatly needed stimulus-employment package, the Republicans scream that they will block any new taxes or major involvement by the federal government.  Meanwhile economists of the right-wing and the left-wing keep telling us that the federal government is the only entity large enough to rescue our nation's deteriorating economy.  And this means taxes.  Everybody knows that unless the federal government steps in, private enterprise is going down the tubes effecting every American.  Just like stubborn George W. Bush, the Republicans will never admit their mistakes and will stick to their guns even if it means the collapse of the U.S. economy.  Some patriots.

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Yes, the young woman probably should have been given better counseling before doctors surgically inseminated her.  Yes, the woman probably has no idea what lies ahead of her with 14 kids.  Yes, she has no visible means to support all those kids.  Yes, this will be a burden beyond her comprehension.  Yes, octuplets means she faces tons of health care issues with all those kids.  Yes, we do not see a father in the picture.  Yes, tax  money will have to be spent.

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"No New Taxes!"..."I Hope He Fails"

Don't kid yourself, it is not just Neanderthal Rush Limbaugh and other obvious anti-intellectuals who explicitly express hope President Obama fails; every Republican dinosaur secretly hopes the same.  The last election scared Republicans because it gave a large majority of votes to Democrats.  Personally, I don't give two cents for either party.  But to "hope he fails" is literally unpatriotic, to use the phrase Republicans like to throw around.  The neocon criticisms and use of "unpatriotic" has our new president wearing an American flag in his lapel, much like the swastika was required to be displayed there during Hitler's regime.  It is scary.  Right-wingers act out more like fascists all the time.

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It is fascinating to me to watch Congressman Barney Frank, a gay man, and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, openly gay also, introduce and support legislation that has a moral and social conscience.  And to then watch the self-proclaimed legislative Christians vote against it.  It has always been so.  There is little or no correlation between morals and religion.  Watching Jews and Moslems fight over land that they proclaim God or Allah gave to them is a current case in point.  Who is there to represent the people who occupied the Israel-Palestinian area BEFORE the Moslems and Jews came?  In the U.S. we pound our chest about our democratic ways, even as our nation's history and current developments are horrible in the treatment of the people who occupied this land before the coming of Europeans.

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