We Americans are very good at lying to ourselves, being in denial, and assuming the entire world wants what we have.  In our dreamland world we never see ourselves as brutes or bulls-in-a-china-shop.  Here are some of the things we lie to ourselves about or are in denial about...

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It is with dismay that I have been the cause and site of some very vitriolic and prejudicial comments by people who apparently misread what I write here.  Both from the left and right, liberal and conservative, the misreading of my blog posts is alarming.  While I welcome your right to express your opinion [AS IT RELATES TO THIS BLOG], I sincerely wish the hate words and misrepresentations would stop.  Showing friends and people who know me well the comments here brings them to smile and then wonder where all the wrong assumptions come from and are stated so shamefully.  In an effort to remind readers here that there is a more civilized manner to civilized speech and expression, I am posting some quotes.  I hope both left-wingers and right-wingers read and process them.

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It never ceases to amaze me how Americans can be fixated on the dangers of socialism, a movement that never made a serious in-road in the U.S., and overlook the growing danger of right-wing extremism, which has had a steady growth since Ronald Reagan.  This growing menace is not being characterized here as some sort of silly little argument from a liberal.  Call me what you will, but I am not a member of any movement of the left or the right.  But creeping fascism, which is what extreme right-wing movements are, has made tremendous strides in the U.S.   Few Americans know how many strides.

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Bill Clinton: The Trailer Park Years

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It appears President Obama will release his basic, long-term plan for Afghanistan in a couple days.  It will probably include the addition of 30,000 to 35,000 military personnel.  It will likely call for President Karzai to make quick and abundant moves to clean up his government.  And it will make some sort of pledges to do more to rebuild the nation, provide more direct help for individuals, and stay the course.

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