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There was a time in America when conservatives and liberals could discuss politics, religion, economics, healthcare, welfare, etc. in adult, objective ways.  No more.  Surrendering to religious fundamentalism and greed-capitalism, the once proud Republican Party no longer exists.  Though carrying the same name, it has now been taken over by screaming, fanatical, religious, and big corporate interests.  Right-wingers are now the party of witch-hunts.

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It is good that we have finally come to recognize and salute the heroes of World War II.  It is good that we have commemorated the sacrifices made by the military men and women in Vietnam, and to build a monument and traveling monument to them.  We have not done as much for the men and women who stood in for all of us in the Korean War.  We certainly owe all these brave men and women a tremendous debt of gratitude.  We should do everything possible to acknowledge and express appreciation to the men and women who represented the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

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The celebration of Father's Day takes on many different styles, many different emphases.  This year we have a special example in that our President has presented us with a wonderful example.  While holding the most important elected position in the world, Barack Obama has taken the time for his family.  He has remained as a human being, with normal activities, and being an American father as much as is possible carrying his position and responsibilities.  No one can doubt that a terrible burden was unloaded on him when he took office, more than presidents usually have to deal with and confront. 

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We go along in life, holding fast to those things that support our belief system, rarely questioning what we are told that way.  As a result, whether left-wing or right-wing, we become robots.  If you challenge or question those hard-wired belief systems, people will come up with some cockamamie comment to tell you why you are wrong.  Common among such cranks are the Bible-totters who do not question anything in that heavily changed and manipulated book through the years.  And the FOX News loyalists who actually believe what they see and hear there as truth.  Or the Constitutional freaks who have no idea what is meant in the Bill of Rights or individual rights and equality.  Some pins in their balloons...

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After oh, so many years of Tommy Thompson giving away the store to big corporate interests, what we have now is giving it away to a different set of interests.  Bringing a majority into the Wisconsin legislature, the Democrats have had a marvelous opportunity to save the state from the horrors of Tommy Thompson's giveaways, and to re-establish the stable, responsible government of past Democratic majorities.  Instead they dropped the ball badly, and sold out to special interests and parochial segments of the state.

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