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Limbaugh-Cheney-Gingrich. 3 Blind Mice

Let's take the three hypocrites who now lead the Republican Pary one by one.  Sarah Palin is left out because the GOP decision-makers have decided to keep her out of the major spotlights because she tends to put her foot in her mouth regularly (not to mention the chauvanism of the Republican Pary).    So, let us review some things about each of the three acknowledged right-wing leaders...[remember, that the most damning thing about them is their phony high moral countenenance]...

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And in 1991 Clarence Thomas was put forth by a Republican president as a minority Supreme Court judge   to garner black support by conservatives (never mind that Thomas sold his soul to the right-wing).

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As President Obama visits the Middle East, there is a heightened alarm for his safety.  True, militants in that area of the world call for special protection.  But extreme self-centered people or warped moralists exist worldwide, including the U.S. 

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When Clarence Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court by a Republican president in 1991, conservatives eagerly pointed to his humble roots, his black color, and his EMPATHY for people.  The conservatives dared Democrats to vote against an African-American nominee, even though Thomas had sold his soul and background to right-wing bigots.  My, how things have changed when a liberal president nominates a Supreme Court candidate, and casually mentions empathy as an important ingredient to understand people of all economic and social class that may come before the Court.

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Thank you again President Obama for your superb intelligence and insight.  You are a shining beacon of hope to Americans who deal in the REAL world.  Putting aside the selfish, devious, and conservative expressions of past presidents, you have selected a woman to fill the Supreme Court vacancy who brings more experience and wisdom to the highest bench than anyone currently serving there.  Not one of the current Supreme Court Justices can match her credentials.  Oh, how she will lift the Court out of the morass of Scalia and Thomas!

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