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Local TV: advertising trumps journalism

 As TV stations race to promote themselves, any remnant of news and/or journalism is left in the dust.  Journalism left broadcasting long ago.  Here's but one local example, but true across the board...

Channel 4 (WTMJ-TV) has a self-promotion, advertising spot that plays regularly, showing a married couple commenting on the husband's heart transplant.  The station was asked, as a last resort, to help them get the transplant.  It concludes with the husband saying, "If it wasn't for WTMJ I wouldn't be here.  It's that simple."

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Local TV: spare us silly weather overkill.

When we are scared into watching a TV station by its ignorant hype about weather, it is time to take issue openly with the stations.  Please stop!

Yesterday a program was interrupted twice to have a weatherman come on and warn us about a pending rainstorm...specifically it was mentioned that there was no hail, no strong winds, no lightening, no tornadoes.  Then why butt into the TV program and show us a front that will be producing rain?  Do we have to be warned that it will rain?

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Presidential politics, Christian hypocrisy, bigotry

What is especially unique about the 2008 presidential campaigns is that not only the usual Christian hypocrisy is at play, but with an African-American candidate in the process, Christian bigotry is also playing an important role.

The usual suspects are very much in the hypocritical mix.  Some new Christian ministers are also in the group.  We have had several elections in which "ordained" Christians have led the hypocritical charge: Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, right wing Baptists, evangelicals, etc.  Playing an important role in 2008 are also egomaniacs such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Jeremiah Wright.  Religious principles are absent with these charlatans; ego and money rule all of them.

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American terrorism: our prez and v.p.

Upon hearing that Moslems in Lebanon were cheering as a hero a man recently released by Israel, a man who had bludgeoned to death a 4-year-old child, angered me greatly.  Where are the voices of civilized, non-violent Moslems?  Why haven't more Moslems spoken out more often and more strongly about Moslem terrorism?   How can Islam remain so silent about the eruption of Moslem terrorism throughout the Middle East?

Of course we Americans have remained all-too-silent about the terrorism in our own Bush administration.  Even though we have been shown that our government representatives in the Pentagon and elsewhere encouraged torture treatment in Iraqi prisons and elsewhere.  And when we found out that we flew suspects to nations where terrorism is a method to "question" them, we were quiet.  And now as we learn that we have questioned a 14 year old boy at Guantanamo Bay, and subjected him to violent inquisitions, where is the outcry?  Further, another young boy held at Guantanamo Bay has been charged and held for alleged "terrorism" he committed when he was 11 years old.  Guantanamo Bay is a place where none of the usual rights are given prisoners and torture has been used to try and get information.  The world looks on in horror at what the Bush administration sanctions.  Remember, these are people who simply have been suspected of crimes, not proven to be terrorists.  And many of them were sold to American forces for money by people whose activities can themselves be questioned. 

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Gitmo military tribunals sully America

The charade going on in Guantanamo Bay is an embarrassment to the U.S. Constitution and every American.  The reason these military tribunals took so long to come into being is because all kinds of tricks had to be used to make them "legal."  They are not legal and the conservative U.S. Supreme Court ruled they were not.  Back to the drawing board went the fascist Bush regime.  Now they tell us they have it "fine tuned" enough to bring off.

Imagine people being tried in any sort of American court in which evidence can be presented that is hearsay and not legal testimony.  Imagine evidence being used against a defendant that was "obtained" by torture.  Imagine all the judges in the trial are from the military and the military only (a trial of your peers?).  Yes, hearsay evidence is treated like "real" evidence.  Yes, evidence from tortured circumstances is "real" evidence.  All judges are military officers.

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Fascism in U.S.? Impossible? Inevitable?

Capitalism is both encouraging and embarrassed about fascism.  It is the extreme right-wing product of an alliance between the national government and corporate giants.  In fascist nations, the way the military-industrial complex rises to power is by the national treasury going bankrupt funding it.  The U.S. has had a long history of large corporations conspiring to manipulate our national government.  Currently it is very apparent.

Hitler rose to power in Germany partly because he was "morally" and financially backed by the likes of Henry Ford, the DuPont family, American banks, etc.  We had a Nazi youth training camp near Grafton, Wisconsin (Camp Hindenburg).  The most prominent national hero of the time, Charles Lindberg, openly and eagerly supported Hitler.  A group of American industrialists and right-wingers tried to get General Smedley Butler to join them in overthrowing the FDR administration and establishing a fascist government in Washington.   Check the history books.  It is there in clear fact.

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