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There's more to M.L. King's murder than race

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought strongly for civil rights.  He became the non-violent voice of people of color,and he pricked the conscious [finally!] of White America.  He forced America and Americans to deal with questions of racial discrimination, Jim Crow laws, school segregation, housing restrictions, etc.  He remained alive doing this.

When Dr. King moved his crusade to labor, corporations, and greed of the few, he was killed.  James Earl Ray was later convicted of King's murder.  But James Earl Ray was a petty criminal who barely squeezed out a living.  How did he end up being found in England?  Who supported him?  What strings were pulled and where did his new-found money come from?  Certainly not from bigots who were opposed to King's civil rights activities.  The civil rights battle offered many easy opportunities to kill King.  But when it came to the economics of capitalistic/fascistic America, he had to go.

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Are Christians cannibals?

Lots of misplaced faith goes into our judgments about "other' religions.  Wars have often been fought over trivial matters that seemed important at the time, but in retrospect seem tragically silly.  Religious people are quick to judge others who do not fit their narrow path.

How damned am I, for example, for thinking that...

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Purchasing ourselves away from democracy

 I gotta have that!  Oh, those shoes are so me!  Last year's computer is so passe!  Oh, a Hummer!  Have you tried Kobe beef?  I finally could afford a $300 bottle of wine!

What are we doing to ourselves?  And when another nation doesn't bend to our self-spoiled demands or needs, invade, boycott, or shock and awe!  I want that!  And the U.S. economy is totally dependent now on our perpetual spending spree.  What a group of unenlightened, bourgeois boors we have become!   How we kneel to corporate advertising!

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Which handgun would Jesus carry?

How many square feet would the home of Jesus have?

How many taxes for the poor, sick, homeless, disabled, children, would Jesus complain about?

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