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Introduction to Indoctrination

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With the Senate passing the health care bill, the Democrats are becoming confident, if not downright arrogant, that this is going to pass. The liberal media reports this as a first step on the long road. Yet Senate majority leader Harre Reid says that he can see the finish line. With the way these massive bills have picked up momentum, it does not seem outlandish that the bill can be passed and made into law by years end.

The Democrats have pulled together their coalition and got the votes necessary to keep advancing the bill. Instead of looking for compromise and improvements to the current bill, they are looking for Republicans to sign on to the bill as it is. Again, Democrats blame the Republicans for the absence of bipartisanship. They ask, "Where is your alternative?"The Democrats expect the Republicans do we only in their own 2000 page bill that does the same thing as tears-taxes on, spends even more, and improves nothing. The Democrats are including giveaways for Senators whose states still have something on their liberal wish list in exchange for their vote. How do these political favors improved health care in America?

Where is the portability that the Republicans bring up? Where is the tort reform? The Democrats purposely exclude that because they love the trial lawyer lobby. The trial lawyers and SEIU are first in line for political favors from the Democrats. Already a member? Then you will love the healthcare reform coming our way.

What I find surprising, is that one month after breast Cancer awareness month, a government study group comes out and says that mammograms are being done unnecessarily. After a month of everything being pink from the NFL to soup cans to just about any other form of packaging, is now being pooh-poohed by the Obamacare Indoctrination Coalition. This came as a shock to all the women who had to face cancer in their 40s. If they were to wait until their 50s, they could've been dead. Well, the Obama administration sees that as cash savings.

CBS news, who has obviously become about as pro-Obama as NBC, is also running stories about how the sick should not receive the expensive medical care in the last two months of their life. CBS reports that it would be a lot cheaper if six seniors did not have the last two months of their life. Instead of being in hospitals, people would rather die at home according to the report. The doctor ran the report goes on to say that these type of life and death consultations should be made collectively and not on all case-by-case basis. A case-by-case basis, every one would choose to have more medical care. And this will drive up the deficit. That's how the administration sees it.

Slowly but surely, we're going to be indoctrinated to convince ourselves that we do not need the amount of medical care that we are seeking. Because we are not becoming healthier as a result. So if are supposed to skip the cancer screenings, what's next? If you're having a heart attack, are you supposed to stay at home and take an aspirin? Sit down until the pain goes away? Perhaps we do not need to treat blood pressure until we see the symptoms. And as far as cholesterol goals, if we stay away from the ice cream, we don't need to see a doctor.

Well, we have about four years to convince ourselves that we are being overtreated by the medical field. That way we can see greater savings when the government takes over health care as they plan. The taxes start right away, but the services start for years away. This is how were supposed to balance the budget. I keep thinking of the old saying, no one ever went broke by underestimating the stupidity of America. I think I'm beginning to understand what that means.

The administration knows that it is going to be overwhelmed when it takes over the health care system. Look how poorly the swine flu epidemic was handled. The government had seven months to get enough vaccination together, yet they were still shortages. Look at how poorly all the other programs that have been passed through Congress and shoved down our throats have performed. I don't know how anyone can look forward to the future confidently with a track record like this-failure  the whole way.

Well, America, you'd better take responsibility for your own health. If you get sick, the government is going to convince you to accept a premature death. And just like in the Communist manifesto, it will be good for society. It will be good for everyone, even though it's at the expense of the individual. It looks like we need more hope now more than ever before. Hope that you're not the individual.

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