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When I left for major surgery,  I respectfully asked to not have any comments while I was recuperating.  Most of you respected that request.  Some of you did not.  Not showing a minimum of respect is low indeed.

Not only did some of you continue commenting, but you continued and increased your past level of bigotry and racism.  That is disgusting. 

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Thanks for all the cards and well-wishes here.  I finally returned home yesterday [Tuesday].  I'm moving about OK, temporarily with the aid of a cane.  Suffice to say I thought I knew what I was in for from an old injury in my youth.  The surgeons found the injury in my knee to be more severe than first thought, and among the extra things they had to do was saw off some leg bone.  Yikes!

I watched loads of TV while flat on my back.  I found cable shows to be especially horrible, especially when presenting the "news."  While the news on NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC, PBS, etc. is not as special in quality as was once the case compared to other outlets, the news as presented in these places far, far surpasses the dumbed-down news to serve a political and greedy purpose as does FOX, for example.  FOX is an abomination.  MSNBC, which I had never watched before, comes to presentation with a certain slant, but it is at least open about it and invites and challenges those who disagree to come forward.

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I'm sick and tired of the armchair soldiers who sit back in their comfortable living rooms and demand military action.  You are not a hero because you state you support our military men and women.  Being a patriotic American requires more than that.  The real men and women who heroically fight for our country deserve more than wimpy toy generals hiding at home.  And they certainly deserve the best care we can give them when they return from wars that are too often started to profit the military-industrial complex.  We throw our young men and woman into horrendous situations that sometimes are primarily  for corporate profits.

If you want to get out of your comfortable hole, out of your token help for our veterans, then join me in entering specific, hands-on help for those who have served us and our nation.  Read this, and you should know what to do immediately if you are more than a phony patriot.  Get involved in helping our vets...

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Booo!  Did you reach for your sidearm?  Did you run for your rifle?  Did you immediately think of getting your automatic weapon?  Or can you get through Halloween without carrying a concealed weapon?

Where are the real men?  Yes, when this was a frontier and disorganized group of backward colonies without any police force, men needed weapons to survive.  They actually hunted to provide food for their family.  In 1776 having a gun was an important part of one's life [as a coonskin cap, pellets, and musket might be].  It is understandable that a militia should be guaranteed in the Constitution.  After all, we were a baby nation that needed the meager resources it had to defend itself.  Understandable.

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The comments that were expressed at this blog were atrocious.  I have never been exposed to that level of Neanderthal, knuckle-scraping, slobbering, ignorance in my life. 

While both progressives and right-wingers occasionally used uncivilized language and references, it was the right-wingers, especially two of them, that were most offensive.  Replete with bigoted statements, sexist names, intolerant charges, etc., it became apparent that these low-level men were determined to see their excrement in print ...even though it clearly showed them to be uneducated goons.  It was sickening.

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It is interesting, the list of Republican hopefuls for the presidential nomination.  One of them recently worked for Obama, one must run away from his very successful Obamacare-like program he instituted when governor of Massachusetts, one prefers her story of Paul Revere, one places Lexington and Concord in New Hampshire to inspirte their primary voters, one goes on a cruise for a month and has his entire staff quit, etc.  That is quite a list of Rube Goldberg masterminds.

Palin and Bachmann can further their attractiveness to right-wing voters by re-writing more American history.  Sarah and Michele have American history all fixed...

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During the Great Depression and World War II, the bulk of the American people were asked to make sacrifices for the good of the greater society.  Americans gladly complied.  Many Americans went an extra mile and gave more than asked.  People shared their income, their taxes, their foodstuffs, their time, their clothes, and they willingly accepted rationing of many items in their daily life.  This bulwark of unity to save America was given by the middle class in America.  There were still, as always, tax breaks for the rich and the largest, influential corporations.  The middle class pulled America through hard times.

Today the middle class has been hit hard by the economic downturn.  Since 2001 the United States has been over-spending its revenue like a drunken sailor.  Taxes were not raised to make up for the lavish over-spending of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.  In fact, Bush had the audacity to not only raise our debts, he lowered taxes for the richest Americans.  Repeat: in the face of rapidly mounting federal debt, Bush gave tax breaks to the richest Americans.  It did nothing to ease the debt...nothing!  It only helped the richest Americans gather more riches.  The poor and middle classes suffered as a result.  And the Bush years had a record-breaking embarrassment of not creating jobs.  Tax breaks for the wealthy does not create jobs.  Hisotry shows this over and over.  Repeat: tax breaks and tax loopholes do not create jobs.

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