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Finally!, Obama brings me hope...

 Here are some of the things that should have been done long, long ago, or should have always been a part and parcel of the United States of America.  Obama is the first candidate since RFK who brings some hope for the return of democracy.  Is it possible that Barack Obama can make these long-awaited things happen for the majority of Americans...

Universal, one-payer health care.  It is easy to simply blame the pharmaceutical companies.  Too many groups have their  hand out for what they think is their God-given right to a big income.  This includes the drug behemoths, but it also includes the family doctor.  It includes the hospitals.  It includes the insurance industry.  It includes medical suppliers.  They are all in this racket together.  And U.S. citizens pay much, much more for health care than anyplace in the world.  And our life expectancy and general health are approaching that of a third-world nation.  This is a disgrace!  One-payer nations have healthier citizens.  Canadians are healthier than us, Brits are healthier, Germans are healthier, Scandinavians are much healthier, the French are healthier.  When will we wake up?  There is absolutely no reason for not having a universal system for U.S. healthcare.  Tell your physician that the jig is up.

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USA stolen by Americans

Who do you think that is peeking out over the fence of that gated community?  Yep, your fellow Americans.  In case you haven't noticed, you are quickly losing the America you were brought up to believe in.

The America you are looking for can be found in the Cayman Islands, or at a $15,000 seat at an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, or drinking a $6.00 cup of coffee at a coffee shop, or lost in a 8,000 square foot house on some hill.

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Perhaps the end of American world leadership would have been close.  But with the election of Ronald Reagan and the rise of the neocons in American politics, the slide was greased by greed, empire, war, bigotry, and hypocrisy.  The adults of today will still have a moment in the American sun, but the dominance of our society in the world is on the wane.  In fact, the USA was once a beacon to peoples all over the world.  Today it is a pariah nation to many.  George Bush is not only hated in many national capitols, he is looked down upon as a unenlightened bumpkin.  The demise of American dominance is happening faster than anyone anticipated.  If we can elect a man like George W. Bush, the world feels we have reached the end, and how can a country with such lack of insight be worth much in today's mileu?  The dollar is dying.  So is our culture. 

Consider the immense slide in a few short years...

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Prez Obama vs. Special-Interest Congress

 President Barack Obama will have been catapulted into the White House by small donors.   Congress will remain beholden to big special interest groups.  Obama will be for the average American, Congress will remain as puppets to money that has helped them hold onto their positions.  Result: the hope for a return to progressive democracy will clash head-on with the old special-interest politics.  This will transcend Democratic-Republican "differences."

If you wondered what happened to progressive politics in the U.S., it was sold out to a Washington, DC, that is awash in a sea of huge sums of money that buy votes and voice.  This big money has infiltrated every Senate and House district.  It comes from capitalistic greed.  It comes from huge corporate conglomerates, healthcare and pharmaceutical monsters, insurance behemoths, military-industrial powerhouses, etc.  You want a favor, buy a politician.  Party affiliation is inconsequential.  The time has come to change this.  An entire younger generation has come to accept this greed.

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Bush & Conglomerates put U.S. up for sale.

 If you think you are simply experiencing the demise of the U.S. because of a dolt in the White House, think again.  This is a plot that has been conceived and refined at least since the 1930s.  It's just that we never had such a for-sale guy with no morals or ethics residing in the White House.  And George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, showed the lineage that would bring a nation with democracy since 1776 to the brink of a fascist, corporate-dominated state.

In the 1930s the head of the DuPont family contacted General Smedley Butler, twice a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, to help several major corporate players in their attempt to overthrow the U.S. government and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Fortunately, General Butler would have none of it and the plot was made public, but never prosecuted.  The idea behind these corporate leaders was to follow in the footsteps of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler and establish a fascist state that was owned lock, stock, and barrel by big business.  Hitler himself had been aided greatly by American corporate leaders, especially Henry Ford.  In fact, the Ford Motor Company continued to turn out trucks for the Nazi German army long after the U.S. entered World War II.  But Ford was not alone in selling out his American heritage.  The Chase Manhattan Bank remained open in Europe during the War to do business with Nazi Germany.

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