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You won't read anything more important than this

I have a M.A. degree in history.  Scholarship and accuracy are extremely important to me regarding American politics and American history.  What I am about to tell you is so startling that you will find it hard to believe.  But it is true and I shall try, in this small space, to document everything.  Please understand that this is not limited to George W. Bush.  Just because he is about to leave office does not mean the Bush history can be ignored.  And the Clintons have joined some of the same circles and are also a threat with their egotistical ambitions and bowing to the biggest corporations worldwide.

From late in the 19th century, the U.S. has had a tendency to support what we now label as Nazi or fascist thoughts about favors for the rich, special hand-outs to the biggest corporations, rigging elections and all of "democracy," and giving the richest people and families attributes and trust that they never deserved.  Any study of the Carnegies, Rockefellers, Fords, duPonts, Harrimans, etc. will clearly show this to you.  McCarthy played into this fascistic attitude and put down anyone who gave a hint of social democracy or support for the poor and middle class.  One big exception through all this was FDR, with hints of it in Harry Truman.  But you see what has happened to the progressive programs of those two presidential exceptions.  Douglas MacArthur and Charles Lindbergh were American heros with Nazi tendencies.  Lindbergh openly lauded Hitler and admired that maniac.

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Thank you for seeing how fascism is creeping into the U.S.

When I posted my previous blog about the sinister, secret moves by American capitalists to install a Nazi/fascist state in the U.S., and how American capitalists financed Hitler's rise to power, I thought I would be flooded with people who were suspicious of my statements or thought I was a nutcase.  Instead, you recognized my years of study on this subject as a scholar and observer, and e-mailed me thanks and appreciation.  I remember well speaking out at Hyde Park Corner in London about this, and having an Englishman who was a speaker there turning to the audience and saying about my remarks: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have just experienced a miracle: an American who knows what-the-hell he is talking about."  Such is the impression Europeans have of our blindness to creeping fascist capitalism here.

Since my last blog pointed to the past and the examples of fascist/Nazi actions by American capitalists years back, allow me to up-date things and point to the revelations spelled out in a more recent book:

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How Bush & Cheney benefit from Iraq War

Put the questions you choose in the list that tries to explain why we entered the Iraq War when there were no weapons of mass destruction there, no link to bin Laden, no threat to the U.S.,  and lies used to justify this amazing mistake.   But there are other, more sinister questions that we should be inquiring about. 

What two men in the U.S. seem to benefit most from our ongoing failures in Iraq?  Consider, please, that before Dick Cheney became Vice President, he was the CEO of Halliburton Corp.  No corporation has taken in more money related to fighting the Iraq War than Halliburton.  And billions of dollars were not only given to Halliburton without any bid process, they have squandered untold billions that have vanished into thin air.  And if you know anything about history, you know that the Bush family fortune is tied to Saudi Arabia and the Saudi family.  Our current president's grandfather, Prescott Bush, made many millions by arranging illegal oil sales from the Saudis to Adolf Hitler.  Remember, then, that the majority of the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were from Saudi Arabia [and so is bin Laden].  Bush's oil corporation buddies are reaping record-breaking profits in today's oil market...contrived oil market...and so are the Saudis.

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You mean Republicans cause high taxes? Duh.

By far the number one cause of your high tax bills are the silly, selfish, counterproductive, short-sighted programs of the Republicans and conservatives.   Repeat: the main reason you have such high taxes is the action by Republicans.  Solely the Republicans?  No, but the overwhelming target for high tax is the middle class.  And  conservatives aim for them.

It takes a little knowledge to see how this works.  But make no mistake about it, your high tax bill is caused by those who have the most wealth in the U.S.  And you, sucker that you are, have bought into this.  You have allowed yourself to be sold a bill of goods that all taxes are bad ...until you need some social benefit from them yourself.  You have allowed some huge corporations to pay no taxes.  You have allowed the richest people in America to pay a smaller tax percentage of what they take in than you pay.  Yes, a smaller percentage!  What do you think is the cause of our complicated,  loop-holed tax structure?   Do you have a high class CPA doing your tax filing, or do you use an unsophisticated tax fililng company [or do them yourself]?  Unless you have the upper tier of financial tax wizards doing your tax filing, you are being cheated.  And that is designed that way to confuse you and take advantage of you.  Is it difficult for you to believe that someone making over 100 times the income you do is not paying any taxes?  It happens.  And the conservatives want to give these wealthy people and corporations bigger tax breaks!   YOU are the sucker!

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