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McCain ad: blonde women & black Obama; get it?

There was always hope that race and age would not enter into this presidential election.  But American politics has slid so far into the pit that it is hopeless to hold out for that.  The McCain TV ad that intersperses blonde women celebrities, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, with black man, Barack Obama, is an obvious attempt to play upon American bigoted fears.  The further implication is that "we don't know much about this black man."  Put that in the Karl Rove-style excrement pile with the continued hint that Barack Obama is a Moslem like Osama bin Laden, and you have a "winner."

John McCain, gaining strength in the 2000 Republican presidential primaries, was brought down by a gaggingly sick Bush ad, is now stooping to these tactics himself.  Another war hero like McCain, John Kerry, was sabotaged by a bold-face lying ad by the fictional Vietnam boat people.  While both parties seem to prefer ads that use scare tactics, lies, diversions, and avoid anything about important policies of the candidates, the Republicans and neocons are in a slime class of their own.

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Jesus and the Second Amendment

Exercising His legal rights, Jesus of Nazareth walked into a gun store today to purchase a weapon He planned to conceal in His robe.  Claiming there were lots of robbers on the road, especially those horrible Samaritans, Jesus felt He had a right to protect Himself.

Strange?  You bet it is!  But to listen to conservatives you would think that there is some kind of halo in possessing a gun.

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Hypocrisy of so-called Evangelicals

Space does not permit me to give you a history of the use of the word "evangelical" in organized religion.  Suffice to say, it evolved after its earliest years into a movement that carried a zeal and missionary spirit for the Protestant denominations that proudly put the word into their name [i.e. Evangelical Lutheran Church].  It evolved as a mainstream term used in mainstream Protestantism.  In the U.S. it has been usurped by out-of-the mainstream church groups.  I can't call them "denominations" because they fit more closely to the individual parish pastor's flavor of showmanship than to a set of beliefs, doctrines, and rubrics established by a national or international church body.

Oh, how angry some "evangelicals" will be for me to frame them that way.   But it is basically true, in a summarized version.  What today we call mega-churches are beholden to a local group of pastors and members who have rallied around the dynamic of what passes for worship.  Some are very good, some are akin to a Disney movie.   In recent decades these non-denominational mega-churches and mega-church-wannabes have tried to precipitate out some semblance of theological order and principles that serve people outside the walls of the pretty church auditoriums.  They were open to criticism for their showmanship that lacked basic tenets or theological scholarship.

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Lost in space: Feingold and Kohl

I am tired of accepting the ineptitude and lack of spirited results from the two men in the U.S. Senate from Wisconsin.   Their records in the Senate are far below the standard set by previous Wisconsin elected officials in that prestigious body.  Compare the hole this state has in the Senate.  Where are these men, compared to LaFollette, Nelson, Proxmire, etc.?

When these guys do surface, their lack of insight and understanding is horrible.  I can still see Senator Kohl sitting on the panel that approved Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court.  He was AWOL when it came to confronting this horrible candidate.  Actually, Senator Kohl's time in office has been characterized by: nothing.

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Obama is qualified, neocon bigotry will surface

The Big Lies that are concocted by the neocons have turned the USA into a pariah nation.  We have lost all of our respect worldwide.  Our economy is in a shambles.  The war in Iraq will only turn into a splintered and bloody civil war when we leave.   The "surge" is a mockery.  Joe Biden is right, it will disintegrate into at least three divisional "nations."  And the total lack of morals and ethics in this administration offends even the staunchest fundamentalist Christian.  Bush and his henchman, Dick Cheney, have run the principles of this nation into the ground.  Corporate behemoths have been given free rein and immense profit advantages.  Lies are the modus operandi of Bush-Cheney.   Amazing effort will have to be made by the next president to right the ship.

Barack Obama is qualified to do just that.  He is intelligent, and has worked with real people in the guts of life to straighten things out.  Perhaps no presidential candidate in history has been so involved in the guts of poor and common peoples' problems.  His intellect is obvious.  His educational background is clear.  He has impressed even the more conservative politicos of his abilities.  Unlike the Bush-Cheney-McCain onslaught, integrity is a hallmark of Barack Obama's life.  Republicans no longer even recognize integrity when they see it.

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USA Offered Redemption-Atonement Chance with Obama

"Without forgiveness life is governed endless cycle of resentment and retaliation."  -Roberto Assagioli

"Whereas each man claims his freedom as a matter of right, the freedom he accords to other men is a matter of toleration." -Walter Lippmann

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