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Yes, the Tea Party depends on the ignorance of Americans.  Yes, the Tea Party followers are suckers for big business, big corporations, and the greediest of wealthy people.  There are parallels to Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s.  Economic chaos.  Joblessness.  Uncertain future.  Polarization and extremism in the political arena.  You know who and what stepped in to "save" Germany.  Hitler and the Nazis, paritally funded by American corporations and wealthy individuals.  Henry Ford and du Pont helped Nazism grow. 

Today we are in a similarly confused and hateful state in the U.S.  Who is your leader?  Where do you turn to find sanity in politics?  The two major political parties have gone off the extreme end.  Grasping for straws, Americans have become very vulnerable to those who promise them the moon, lie, deceive, and blame "the other."  America is ripe to be picked.  And the most demonic politicos are trying successfully to play it to their advantage.  Their future looks brighter because they can continue their lying and deception because they have access to bottomless bags of money from the "rich and famous."  And suckers are ready and willing to take the hook.

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Regardless of all the name-calling and charges about my political affiliation, I am not a member of any political party or movement.  I am very frightened, however, of the direction this nation and this culture is going.  Evidence of our greed, selfishness, parochial thinking, bigotry, lack of knowledge, outright ignorance, militarism, and blind  goose-stepping cannot be ignored.  We are headed in a very dangerous and self-destructive direction.  Even well educated people can exhibit ignorance, greed and selfishness [evidence the greedy bankers and Wall Street schemers that caused the current economic debacle].  I refuse to goose-step to this sinister greed and bigotry.

You don't like what a labor union is doing, therefore all labor unions are bad.  Ignore all the good they have done through the years, and simply throw them into your hate bin.  No knowledge required.

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Tea Party leaders love to deny their own lack of aptitude and seem, at times, to have no knowledge of the facts on any given issue.  Even their so-called educated leaders and defenders stumble when it comes to something as simple as who is pictured on a bigoted placard at the Tea Party rallies.  Hmmm.

Yes, at several Tea Party rallies there were placards with President Barack Obama pictured with a watermelon smile.  Bigoted?  Hateful?  Sickening?  Prejudicial?  Racist?  Nope, say the Tea Party intelligensia.  They tell us they asked some of those bigoted posters to be taken down.  Nothing was said about the people who were carrying them.  Being there with hatred, racism, bigotry, etc. is OK, just don't openly show it.  Yep, that about sums it up for the Tea Party.  "Let's take back our country!." is their hue and cry.  Translation: White folks, arise, and let's straighten out the WHITE House!  Good ole American values, when this country taught the Negroes their place in our society.  Sickening?  You bet it is.  And the Tea Party should be called on it.  Bigotry is all-too-common in the extreme right-wing.  And the Tea Party is all-too-common in the extreme right-wing.  And the right-wing holds a power balance in the Republican Party.

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The TRUTH about the right-wing goofs trying to get the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America.  Imagine the following is actually happening...

Rick Perry has focused much of his attention in the run for the White House on revival meetings, evangelical performances, tent show miracles, promises from God, and his puritanical make-up.  Meanwhile there is that waste disposal pay-off looming in Texas that will contaminate drinking water.  The Texas backers of Perry got a big contract to dispose of toxic, readioactive waste even though every responsbile and knowledgeable reviewer advised against it.  How much was donated to Perry?  A lot.  And look at Perry's record as Governor of Texas and compare it to his statements in the media.  Perry and his Social Security "Ponzi scheme" is straight out of that liars playbook.  No lies needed to tell the true story about Perry, he should instantly be disqualified from the office of President.  Immediately!

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The people who will have the biggest problem with the following quotes are those self-styled tough guys and pro-corporation capitalists.  We have been fed a bunch of war b.s. so that we can maximize the profits of the military-industrial greed component in the U.S.  Notice the leaders who comment who are from a variety of faiths, and from those we only see quoted when it satisfies our war-desires for profit.

"You will not enter Paradise until you have faith, and you will not complete your faith until you love one another." -Muhammad (ca. 570-632), prophet of Islam

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If you watched the Republican presidential hopefuls go through their convincing dud and debacle, then you must surely be worried about the future of the United States.  What a dirth of talent and intellect!

However we never seem to learn.  Consider who recently held the President or Vice President position: Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Dan Quayle, etc.  When will we ever learn?

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JESUS SAVES! ...1st Natl. Bank

The headline above is no more sacrareligious than the religious mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus spewed out by politicians in America.  Without any real background knowledge of the Bible and its history and authors, candidates go off into space on evangelical wonder-cruises.  If one were to give these candidates the most elementary test about religion and the Scriptures, they would fail miserably.  Unfortunately, what most Americans have been taught about all this is patently false as well.  I'm not refering to miracles of faith-based beliefs, I'm refering to history, facts, and the latest knowledge about all this.  But one can find all kinds of this mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus even in theological seminaries and "Bible schools."


Politics have always played a major role in religion and equally the other way around.  Not many people know that the decisions that were made about which books to be included in the Bible were not made by God but by politicos representing different geo-political regions of the Mediterranean [i.e. Council of Carthage].   Each "bishop" or regional leader brought with him ideas about the canon of the Bible that served his area to his advantage.  Today we have different "bibles" that include different books because as the "church" grew, factions developed and evolved.  Each faction, sect, denomination, etc. had its own reason for inclusions or exclusions or substitutions.  It was not always as simple as Roman Catholic vs. Protestants.  In fact, most book inclusions were made long before there were Catholics and Protestants.

In any case, I am always amused and then later concerned when politicians in the U.S. exhibit a certain religious "purity" and "spirit" and "rigorous adherence" to his or her flavor of "Christianity."  Amusing though that is, it scares me because people buy into the sectarian take on what is "true" religion or "God's way."  And like a carnival sideshow, the "barker" gets the take via some scam or diversion ...or lie  ...or deception.

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...and the word was "hope."  But President Obama lost his way.  His staff choices were atrocious.  He brought in Wall Streeters.  He brought in second-level people and ignored the real experts [i.e. immediately should have chosen Paul Volcker].  He thought it was enough to make promising, hopeful speeches.  He maintained far,far too many of George W. Bush's mistakes (and they were horrendous ones).  Obama did not deliver on promises.  His early inexperience was obvious.  Now he is trying to straighten it all out.  Too late?

However it has to be pointed out that he inherited a real mess.  A social, economic, and political mess.  George W. Bush gave away the United States to greedy corporate interests.  And these interests stood on the sidelines quietly, spewed out nonsensical religious themes, manipultated the federal government to do the bidding of huge financial and corporate interests, and caused the virtual collapse of the United States.  Meanwhile the right-wing, greedy, money-grabbers never were charged and never once admitted what they had done to this country.  But they knew the religious messages that the right-wing took in hook, line, and sinker.  Now saddled with the George W. Bush catastrophe, President Obama has had to learn.  But it has cost the United States dearly.

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