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Our taxes in the United States are lower than any industrialized nation in the world, except Japan.

Our taxes in the U.S. are lower than at any time since 1950.

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Even if you are a member of Congress, it is difficult to get an honest budget report on how much we are spending on our various military activities.  The Pentagon is unable to tell the truth.  And the Congress and the President go along with the game of lying to the American people.  If you want to dumbfound your U.S. Senator or Congressperson, come armed with accurate budget facts and try to have a discussion.  They will run for cover.  Your members in the two houses of Congress do not know this stuff.  It is a disgrace.  What makes it a bigger disgrace is that they know they are lied to.  What makes it an even greater disgrace is that some of them seem eager to give the miitary whatever it wants [when I use the term "military" or "Pentagon" I mean all the various private and public facets that go into making up what we call the "military-industrial complex."].

While most pie charts will show the current military expenditure is larger than any other part of the federal budget.  It may be listed as 32% or 35% of the total picture.  That is a bold-faced lie.

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Oh, how some politicians love to hide behind the Bible, or present themselves as pure, put forth the face of an honest man or woman, a Chrisitan of the first order.  Do you actually know anyone like that in politics?  Conservatives and Republicans tend to lean on that false front more than anyone.

In Wisconsin, where we are about to have recall elections for a number of state legislators, the Republicans are actually running candidates on the Democrat ticket.  Yep, died in the wool Republicans running as Democrats just to screw up the democratic election process.  And they are not only doing it with a straight face, they are doing it in the construct of honesty!  How low can you go?  In other words, use any method you can as a Republican to stop a Democrat from being legitimately elected, even if it means lying and misrepresenting yourself.  This is ethics and morals turned on their head, to say nothing of conducting a scam and a sham in an election process.  Is shame vacant from the Republican mind?  What next, using black shoe polish on one's skin to run as an African-American?  Cross-dressing to run as a woman?  Lying about one's military record [oops, that's already been done].

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Well, if what is happening in Britain regarding Rupert Murdoch and the FOX empire hasn't turned your stomach, you will believe and follow anything.  It was not enough for Rupert Murdoch to have FOX News distort so-called "news" and skew it toward the right wing, not enough to feature the absolutely distasteful and crude Glenn Beck, not enough to have its so-called objective commentators on FOX look like a list of Republican presidential hopefuls, not enough for Murdoch in the U.S. to mix tabloid periodicals with TV news reporting, not enough to have FOX News be a shill for big corporations and right-wing politics, Murdoch has sunk to even lower depths in Britain.

Being exposed now in Britain are Murdoch's tabloids and his news periodicals hacking innocent people's phones, even during their times of sorrow and distress.  Being exposed now are secret deals between Murdoch's print and broadcast empire and the police; pay-offs included.  This was revealed in the past, but Murdoch and his representatives always denied it.  Now they have enough goods on him to prove it and make it stick.  And it goes to the highest level of elective office, even a Labour Party prime minister.

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Well, it looks as though Rupert Murdoch's assault on journalism is taking a big hit.  One of his major periodicals is closing in Britain.  Major advertisers are pulling their ads.  In Britain, from top of the political-judicial scale to the bottom, the Murdoch "news" empire is finally getting what it deserves: justice.  Thank goodness for The Guardian, and the way they went after Murdoch, and continued their pursuit while he was denying everything for years.  Now let us hope we can drop-kick FOX News to oblivion in the U.S.

Recall elections upon us.  For goodness sake, get rid of Alberta Darling, and vote for Sandy Pasch.

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Rupert Murdoch is rushing to Britain to try and save his crumbling print and broadcast empire, and to save his son Jimmy from going to prison.  Can he save it?  Absolutely!

There are enough big corporations who need his cover and his phony news stories to promote their greed.  Right-wing politicians in the U.S. absolutely depend on FOX News and the Murdoch disceptions to build their careers.  There has been a huge shift in America and the world toward big money.

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Rupert Murdoch, one of the world's leading news emperors, is in deep trouble.  Long ago, the highly respected periodical, The Guardian, revealed horrible actions taken by the Murdoch news organizations.  Among the charges were hacking the phones of celebrities, royals, and even people going through the tragedy of death in their immediate family.  In fact, Murdoch employees hacked into the cell phone apps of a woman who was missing, and they intercepted messages from the family which had loved ones thinking she was still alive.  Of course she was dead.

Editors and other employees of Murdoch were arrested.  The Guardian kept up its expose.  Now Murdoch and his huge news empire is in deep trouble.  Thank goodness The Guardian did not let up.  Now the British public is insisting on a thorough investigation.  Heads will roll.  Murdoch's "News of the World," a 168-year-old newspaper, drenched in scandal and factual charges, ceased publishing.  Murdoch's own son, Jimmy, is implicated in some of this mess.  It is not isolated, and it now shows that this sort of illegal and unprofessional behavior is standard practice in the Murdoch news empire.  It was even encouraged!

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When I began this blog I welcomed with open arms all comments, agreeing or disagreeing with me.  Slowly the comments began to sink into a dark place, a place where strange, viscious, and bigoted people reside.  Comments were no longer about the blog, they were about attacking me and other people who comment.  These sinister, sleazy, bigoted people did not address the blog theme, they attacked other people.

Barbara become "Barbie."  Insinuations were made about black people, Latinos, gays, liberals, immigrants, educators, ad infinitum.  It became sickening in the extreme.

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The debt ceiling was raised 7 times under President George W. Bush.

Only Republicans have ultimatrums before they will raise the debt ceiling

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Pulling back the curtain, exposing the list of right-wingers for who they really are, and putting them in some sort of historical perspective, I offer the following small sampling.  When you think right-wingers, you cannot forget or deny these folks:

Donald Trump.....Imelda Marcos.....Leona Helmsley.....Pat Robertson.....The John Birch Society...Henry Ford and his support of Hitler.....Father Coughlin [look up this scum-bucket].....House Un-American Activities Committee.....Charles Lindbergh supports Nazism and Hitler.....Krupp.....Messerschmidt.....I.G. Farben.....U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy.....Richard M. Nixon.....Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney.....Adolf Hitler.....Benito Mussolini.....William Randolph Hearst.....Somoza, Batista, Peron, Pinochet, Franco and their ilk.....Rupert Murdoch.....FOX broadcasting.....Sarah Palin.....Michele Bachman.....du Pont leaders support Nazism.....The Bradley Foundation.....CATO.....American Free Enterprise Institute.....The Bush family's support of right-wing causes from smuggling oil into Nazi Germany and the cozy relationships with the oppressive Saudi family.....Rush Limbaugh.....Bill O'Reilly.....Glenn Beck.....Tea Party.....Donald Rumsfeld.....huge military-industrial corporations that profit from war.....the fake Democrats that were posted by the Republicans in the recent recall elections in Wisconsin.....Warren Harding.....Herbert Hoover.....Ronald Reagan.....and the list goes on.  

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Through the years I have noticed the right-wing out-perform progressives in distorting the truth.  I clearly remember the right-wing leading legislation to pass on concealed weapons, and the next year pointing out how crime had fallen in those states that had conceled weapons approval.  What they failed to point out is that states that had no such legislation saw crime rates drop more substantially.

The same was true when big corporate and right-wing support pushed for keeping prisoners locked up for longer periods of time.  Forced with over-crowding, states had to turn to private prison corporations to house their longer-serving prisoners.  Then the right-wing showed us how crime had gone down in those states.  Once again, what they didn't tell you was that in many states without longer prison sentences, crime went down in larger numbers.  But the private Corrections Corporation of America made a financial killing.

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Do the following traits and beliefs remind you of anyone?:

Christianity is the one, true religion.

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Coming out of a Republican Party caucus, a freshman Congressmen had many comments to offer.  He is a loyal Tea Party supporter.  His swaggering comments about being taken lightly because he was new to Congress, he assured us that he would  not be tossed aside by old leadership in the GOP.

He refused to support the Speaker of the House and his budget proposal because of "all that money" that was there for Pell Grants."  Why should taxpayers support these college kids, he offered.  He never got a dime and never went to college.  Well, that was obvious.

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