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The recent blizzard impacted me in many different ways.  It was the worst winter storm I ever remember since 1947.  That 1947 storm so paralyzed the area that it forced local governments in the Milwaukee region  to buy more modern and more powerful snow removal equipment. 

This storm was so severe that it caused even enclosed shopping malls to shut down for two days.  Schools were obviously closed.  Bus transportation was called home and off the roads.  People were stranded in their autos on the Interstate highways for miles and miles.  I could go on and on.

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There!  I beat you to it!  Anything that does not blindly follow and celebrate plutocratic capitalism is labeled socialism by some.  Deal with it.

Yes, we have been told ad nauseam about the millions of dollars it costs for a 30-second ad during the broadcast of the Super Bowl.  We know about the billion-dollar new stadium in Dallas.  We know about the wealthy owners, the celebrities in attendance at the game, the huge expense involved in presenting the National Anthem and half-time show at the Super game, and on and on and on.  Money, money, money.  We get it.  But there are other stories to tell.

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On the celebration of Ronald Reagan's 100th anniversary of his birth, it was pointed out that he raised taxes 8 times as President, he totally missed the impending collapse of the USSR, his son indicated he was already suffering from Alzheimer's while in his presidency,  Nancy Regan actually  ran the country with some strange ideas from astrology leading her on, he deregulated watchdog laws on big industry and with the additioal deregulation of George W. Bush were major causes for the economic collapse of the 2000-2008 period, there was much more internal strife in the Reagan family than we knew previously, and not much reported about Reagan's years of philandering with Hollywood starlets in and out of his marriage.

The right-wing extremists in the media love to throw around threats of impending strict Islamic law.  And they always like to point to Saudi Arabia [George Bush's close pals] and other nations where there truly is a strict Islamic code of laws.  But little is said about the majority of Islmaic naitons where there is no such law in force [Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Indonesia, Oman, Kuwait, Turkey, and most others].

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It makes me sick to read, see, and hear the absolutely foolish comments being "confidently" drawn about what will happen in Egypt.  So far the only accurate information has come from a group of scholars who predicted almost two months ago that there was a revolution about to take place in Egypt.  Once again, as when the USSR fell, the CIA was clueless.  Personally, I think the first place to reduce the federal budget deficit is to make major cuts in the budget of the CIA...consider closing it down and shifting intelligence work to other departments.  The CIA is almost worse than useless.  Remember The Bay of Pigs? They have tortured, lost bin Laden, totally ill-advised the government about Iraq, ignored FBI warnings about a pending terrorist threat  to fly into U.S. buildings before 9-11, had no idea about the pending Islamic revolution in Iran, and the list goes on in every corner of the world.  The CIA is a failure.

Nobody knows what will evolve in Egypt now, not even the Egyptians.  Things in Egypt and throughout the Middle East are in a state of flux.  President Obama was first-rate in the way he handled things that were suddenly developing in Cairo.  Criticism about Obama in this regard is coming from people who have absolutely no enlightened idea about how to handle things there.  He has been in contact with army leaders, and with prodding and encouraging comments, he played a role in the revolutionary fervor without having major violence or guns involved.  Amazing.  A major revolution without guns!  The Arab population is to be complimented.  What happens next in Egypt is still evolving.  But the Arab, primarily Islamic, people of Egypt have accomplished a peaceful revolution.  Amazing!  Will it continue?  Maybe.

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You can find them in many places.  People who pound their chest about being Christian and parade around physically and mentally as though they are leading a new crusade to save America and the Church.  Oh, how they love themselves.  They have found a way to twist and concoct their small world so that it fits their view of religion and partiotism snugly.  They have always been with us.  Their "brand" can be found in every religion and every nation. 

During the civil rights movement and before, they used both the Bible and the Constitution to somehow present slavery as just fine, and state's rights were presented as democracy's way to maintain bigotry in law and religion.  They were easier to spot then.  They lost both the Civil War and the civil rights battles of the 1960s, and they learned from their mistakes.  They are still parading, still being self-righteous, still displaying the Bible, and still hating the "other" [that would be blacks, American Indians, Latinos. outspoken women, liberals, non-northern European immigrants, etc.].  If you get in the way of their bigotry, they have now organized the media and every segment of society to come down hard on you.  They will get you.  Whether it is rigged elections or rigged wars, they will get you.

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In today's political climate in the U.S. extremes are making outlandish charges from both sides.  And name-calling is common.  So, why am I again bringing up Nazism and fascism which have been used in name-calling rants against both sides?  Because most of those name-calling references have no place on the reality spectrum.  And the changes in today's political environment have the right-wing making the most untrue rants.  With an M.A. in history, accuracy and references are extremely important to me.

First and foremost, let me state unequivably that Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Nazism, and fascism represent the extreme right-wing political position.  There is no doubt about that.  Because the term Nazi derives part of its German wording for "socialism" has no more to do with socialism than does the statement that Joe's Place has "the best hamburgers in the world."  Fearful of the onslaught of socialism and communism that was sweeping eastern Europe and some of the German worker organizations, the industrialists of Germany and the world wanted to put a stop to it for fear of losing some of their big profits if workers organized and made demands...let alone move in the direction of socialism. 

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An FBI worker in the Twin Cities alerted the White House in 2001 that something suspicious was happening.  Arab Moslems were taking lessons in the U.S. to learn to pilot a plane, but were not interested in learning how to land the plane.  The White House, under George W. Bush, paid no attention.  After the Twin Towers in NYC came down Bush decided to invade Afghanistan and get Osama bin Laden.  The U.S. military had bin Laden trapped and let him go so they could focus on invading Iraq.  Bush lied over and over to Congress and the world to give credence to his long-planned desire to invade Iraq.  Bush is now considered by many people the world over to be a war criminal that should be tried in the dock in The Hague.  So far that much is clear.  But there are some things that are rarely reported.  The cost in death, money, stolen and destroyed artifacts, angering Pakistan (a nuclear power now became a nation of people that hate the U.S.), the failure of democracy in Iraq, the continuing failure in Afghanistan, the Iraqi misadventure by Bush that brought down the American economy, ad infinitum.

Here is a part of an article printed in "Worldwide WAMM" in its latest issue, page 1...

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There is a growing unrest in the United States.  It is smaller than those that evolved in the civil rights movement, but nevertheless it surprises me.  I thought the mainstream of America had fallen asleep.  I thought they had bought the propaganda of the rich, the privileged, the extreme right-wing, the radical right, the phony Christians, etc.  But perhaps the distortions of the extreme right-wing and the wealthiest and greediest Americans had finally grabbed for too much.

The tens of thousands who have daily surrounded and entered the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin may have begun something.  The protest itself is being mis-characterized.  It has been labeled only as a demonstration by labor unions.  That misses the bigger point.  And it is not only about teachers. It is a gathering of middle class and poor people who have had enough.  They are sick and tired of being blamed for the problems brought on by the wealthiest individuals and greediest corporations in the U.S.  And some of the very people who agree with these wealthy and greedy individuals and corporations stand to suffer the consequences of such greed and selfishness.  But they have taken the right-wing propaganda hook, line, and sinker.  But they are not alone.  The mainstream press has bought far too much of it themselves.  And the right-wing extremists [purchased by the greedy and wealthy] have totally distorted what is happening.  And thus the blame is placed on the more defenseless people, and the poorest people.  What is left for them to do but rise up as African-Americans did in the 1960s?

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