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Is Your TV Anchor Smarter Than A 2nd Grader?

Do you know why people are not watching American TV news broadcasts?  Because they stink!  American TV news is amateurish, without regularly stationed international reporters, selected for the dumbest audience, focuses on blood pictures, etc.  And those who report TV news, the anchors, do not have a clue.  The people involved at all levels of broadcast news have no back-story.  They must have slept through journalism school.  History is unknown to them.

Do you wonder why so many foreign news reporters speak with an English "accent"?  Because they cut their news reporting teeth and observations on the BBC.  Our public and commercial broadcast networks do not have posted foreign reporters.  The BBC does.  The BBC is today's gold standard in news reporting.  NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, etc. are influenced by the bottom line and small, real news-gathering payrolls.  The BBC is a not-for-profit company!  Result: Americans are poorly served by the U.S. news media.  And it shows in the relative ignorance in international affairs we as citizens exhibit.

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Is Bush-Hitler, Bush-fascism a fiction or fact?

There is no use trying to convince you of anything if you already have your mind made up.  But if you are intelligent, and have an open mind, then this inquiry is worth your time.  It will show clearly and in hundreds of historical records how the Bush family aided the ***, how fascism is a traditional goal of the Bush family and Bush-Cheney, etc.  Not all the hundreds of references are reliable ones.  But like any controversial historical investigation, you must decide which is worthy of consideration, which comes from a trusted source, and which is propaganda or trash from some publication or individual with a particular prejudice.  Please note, however, how much historical and factual information exists.  And then wonder why this is not revealed in corporate, capitalistic U.S., where the media and everything else is bought and paid for  As a man with a M.A. degree in history, I think this is perhaps the greatest un-told story in .American history...

To find the volumes and volumes of material on this subject, check with a search engine on-line.  There are many, and these are among the most common:  Google, Yahoo, MSN, Hotbot,, Altavista.  Go to the search engines and enter these subjects and wait to be astounded:  Begin with George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, and then...

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Barack, Hillary, John, and the toy-soldier Republicans

It is hilarious watching the Republican candidates in open support of George W. Bush's totally failed presidency.  It is as if they do not fall in line, a stern teacher is going to come out of the woodwork and slap their knuckles with a ruler.

No presidency, not even Coolidge, Harding, or even Nixon has put the U.S. and the world in such jeopardy.  And at home we have a recession already underway, favors to the rich at the detriment of the poor, golden gifts to the corporations and crumbs for the underserved, a remaining chasm in New Orleans after all these months, we are almost without a single nation-friend in the world, thousands of Americans killed and permanently wounded or maimed in Iraq, torture, Guantanamo,  immense budget deficits, lies and lies and lies, an energy policy to benefit major corporations, tax money to benefit huge drug corporations, a U.S. infrastructure crumbling around us, handouts without bids to Halliburton as a pay-off to Cheney, secret wire-taps on innocent U.S. citizens, an unconstitutional Patriot Act, health care in America in the toilet even though our costs are higher than any industrialized country, the invasion of a sovereign nation that had no part in 9-11, military threats to Iran even though Bush's own staffs said Iran has halted nuclear weapons activity, special favors for the Saudis even though the 9-11 terrorists were primarily Saudi-led and Saudi-supported [a long-standing pay-off from the Bush family to their old friends in Saudi Arabia], ad infinitum.  

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Jump in, Bloomberg, you can't hurt this lousy group

Michael Bloomberg is the mayor of New York City.  He is really part Republican, part Democrat, and mostly independent of those political parties.  His wealth allowed him to propel himself into the top end of politics.  He has given hints that he may consider running as a third party candidate for president.  He is a far and positive cry from the likes of Ross Perot.

Among the role call now running for president, he would bring characteristics and nuances that are soley lacking in another group of political hacks running this election year.  Where in the heck are all the quality leaders?  Just about anyone would be an improvement over George W. Bush.  But why is it that the U.S. cannot find leaders to match a Palme of Sweden, or Brandt of Germany, or even the current leader of Germany, Mrs. Merkel?  

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Universal health care & immigration amnesty are inevitable

Socialized medicine!  Boo!  Did I frighten you?

Immigration amnesty!  Boo!  Scared?

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