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Are you getting ready to go over the cliff?  It is almost time for the right-wing to stand-fast, adhere to its pledge to not raise any taxes, and keep the tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans that was pushed through Congress by a lying President George W. Bush who told us all kinds of lies about Iraq and other things that got in line with greed-America. 

The solution to the current financial problem is not a conundrum.  It is quite easy, actually.

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The miracle of meeting different people

Recently I had surgery.  In an attempt to help with my recovery, I have been walking a little each day.  And in the midst of the holiday season, I have chosen to walk inside large shopping malls.  So each day I drove to a different mall, and what occured has been informative and inspirational, whether at Mayfair, Bayshore, Brookfield Square, or Southridge.

I'd walk a little, and then sit and rest in one of the rest areas inside the mall.  Seated there, I watched a wide variety of humanity walk passed.  I wondered about each of the myriad personal stories etched on the variety of faces, the spectrum of ages, the roles being played by mother, grandparent, little child, mall security guard, ad infinitum.  They represented all ages, all races, and as many ethinicities as one could imagine.

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Each baby born in the United States has a label of "M" or "F" attached to him/her.  Of course that stands for Masculine or Feminine.  And from those few earliest moments of life, that baby is channeled --often forced-- along a path of expected behaviors that relate to those letters, M or F.  No matter that each baby has inherent and genetic make-ups that do not necessarily follow that "pre-scribed" story-line.  Each baby is unique from the first moment of life.  Each baby has an in-bred road map to follow, but often detoured by society's shallow demands.

Current harrassments of young people by others is a growing concern.  Hazing of one sort or another now has new places to exhibit its bigotry, hatred, shallowness, ignorance, etc.: the computer world.  It is not enough that kids are bullied at school, or on the playground, or walking to and from school, etc.  Now the bigots can do it via various cyber-means.

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Newtown: Something must be done!

OK, we know the strong, political power of the gun advocates.  We have heard all their arguments, all their defenses, all the so-called patriotism, ad infinitum.  But, really, do we have to listen to these people who have special, often selfish interests cloaked in patriotism?  When is it time to have an honest and open discussion about the proliferation of guns in the U.S.?

There is no need to list the ongoing examples of human carnage caused by guns in the U.S.  No other industrialized Western society has as many guns as the U.S., no other industrialized Western society has as many gun-related murders.  And the list of such gun-related slaughters goes on.  Yet we pass more legislation giving guns a sacred place in our society.  One can now carry a concealed weapon in some states into any building or meeting where there is not a specific notice at the entry about prohibiting concealed weapons.  Are we nuts?  The U.S. has 5% of the world's population, and 50% of the world's guns.  Repeat: are we nuts?

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Obviously we need to get rid of the guns, especially the assault rifles and the large ammo-holding clips.  But there is more to preventing the gun slaughters of Newtown, Aurora, Oak Creek, ad infinitum.  I'm all for getting rid of the guns in America.  But stopping the use of guns to kill people in the U.S. will require much more.

We need to have legislation to get rid of the assault rifles and other killing machines.  That will be extremely difficult to accomplish, even with the nation moved by the grief and senselessness of what happened in Newtown and elsewhere.  Gun advocates control the political dialogue and action on the subjects related to the proliferation of weaponry in the U.S.  You can lose an election simply by questioning our gun lunacy.

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The right-wing in America has this for its platform...

Any sort of gun control is an infringement on our rights guaranteed in the Second Amendment.

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Reovering from recent surgery, I have been walking to re-gain my strength and stamina.  I am not fond of walking, and especially in the cold weather.  What to do?  I decided to do my walking in the various enclosed shopping malls in the area.  What a marvelous discovery I made!

It is/was the holiday season.  Music filled the air in the malls.  I walked awhile, and then I sat and rested.  I walked somemore and then rested.  I had time.  I watched the spectrum of humanity walk by.  Every face, every body, every skin color, every clothing display, every hair color, and this revue of humanity's rainbow was there for me to enjoy.  It was the world's art museum.  And all there for me to take in.

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