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Arizona Senator & Alaskan Princess will defile

As Governor Palin has explicitly announced, "the gloves are off."  They certainly are.  Behind in the polls, McCain and Palin now plan a below-the-belt, bigoted, lie-filled attack on Barack Obama.  There are no dignity, stature, or honesty left in the ammunition of the right-wing to be fired from now until election day.

"The most striking contradiction of our civilization is the fundamental reverence for truth which we profess and the thoroughgoing disregard for it which we practice." -Vilhjalmur Stefansson  [And in America we further try to cloak it in doing what is best for the "common man" when those most vehemently defending Joe Sixpack have 7 or 8 homes, millions in assets, and are totally out of touch with the voter]

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McCain's Sleazy Reference to Obama: "that one"

When Senator John McCain pointed to Barack Obama derisively and said, "that one," what did he mean?  In the recent debate, McCain's well-known temper got the best of him ...again.  But this was more than a slip of the tongue, it was an insight into John McCain's deepest demons.  Just what did McCain mean?  What slipped out?  Who would insensitively make such a reference toward another human being?  How much hatred does McCain harbor for Obama?  Is the hatred so deep that he would slip to making racial references?  Does McCain consider himself above Obama?  Does McCain know how much historical bigotry is tied up in that sort of human reference?  And yes, it is fair to ask: is McCain a bigot?

John McCain scares the heck out of me.  He has loaded up his campaign team with some of the most obvious special interest promoters in America [i.e. Phil Gramm].  He has done the bidding of the oil, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries.  He has proposed giving MORE tax breaks to the richest people in the U.S., those who are not suffering today as the average American is.  He has offered a campaign promise to give oil corporations more benefits.  He has played to the extreme right-wing of his party.  He selected a running mate who has no national or international experience, and a woman whom he met on one or two occasions.  Though waving his military experience every chance he gets, he voted AGAINST veterans benefit packages in the Senate.  He was dead wrong on invading Iraq, a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 9-11 and distracting us from catching Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan [where we had him surrounded and at our mercy in Bora Bora].   His proposals for the future will drive us trillions of MORE dollars into debt.  John McCain is a lackey for the same powers that pull the strings for George W. Bush.  McCain actually supports Bush's policies.  John McCain did the bidding in the Senate for the leaders of the savings and loan scandal.  John McCain does not know how many houses he owns.  And yes, to you Christian fundamentalist Bible-thumpers, John McCain is divorced. 

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Right-wingers again bring 1929 disaster

When will we ever learn?  After a disastarous reign of Republican, right-wing presidents in the 1920s, the stock market and the rest of the U.S. economy collapsed in a heap.  A liberal Democrat had to rescue America and right the ship.   FDR actually saved American capitalism.  So please do not attack this historical fact: a liberal Democrat in the White House saved capitalism for the United States.  The corporate right-wing had selfishly ravaged everything they could from the common man in the U.S.  They not only bled the average American of everything, they almost brought down the very economic system they championed.  We learned that capitalism must have restraints and regulations or it will rape everything in its path.  After World War II, the other capitalistic nations in Europe learned this lesson and have all established  social democracies.  Right-wingers try to label them socialistic.  And these same right-wingers go ballistic when we in turn label corporate capitalism, fascistic.  But it was a group of American capitalists who helped finance Hitler to power in Germany, and Mussolini in Italy.

Now to our current economic dilemma.  Regulation after regulation has been stripped from the American economy.  Corporate America has had its way, especially since Ronald Reagan.  Reagan, like the current president, was not of high aptitude, to say the least.  And his political success was the result of surrendering economic, moral, and ethical principles to the right-wing, corporate behemoths.  They gave him money.  They gave him access to the populace.  They helped him to forge a story to tell Americans about the wonders of capitalism, especially corporate unfettered capitalism.  "Trickle-down" was a favorite myth.  But their policies ultimately trickled up.  You are now left holding the bag, including the first installment on your taxes: a 700-billion-dollar DEBT.  More will be needed.  They have used their greed as a shovel to dig you deep into a hole.

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The recent John McCain town hall meetings in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and elsewhere had American citizens from the right-wing stand up and not only ask questions about Barack Obama, but make the most violent and dangerous charges like he should be killed, he is a Arab, he is a Moslem, etc.  Are you ashamed to be an American?  Are you ashamed of some of your fellow Americans? You should be.

From the moment Obama received the nomination for president at the Democratic Party convention, a cold chill went up my spine.  I knew there are people in America who harbor so much bigotry or so much "religious" zealotry that they could be moved to make an assassination try on Obama if things did not go according to right-wing preferences.  Yikes!

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 Will we finally learn from this economic disaster, or are we going to have to go through this again in the years ahead?  You have been fleeced by runaway capitalism in the U.S.  And now you have been called upon to "save" the capitalists who stole from you and now want you to be their savior.  Here is what American capitalism wants from you:

No regulations on capitalism's profits, use the general populace's taxes to pay for capitalism's losses.  What a deal!

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"If only God would give me some clear sign!  Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss bank." -Woody Allen

"What is the new loyalty?  It is, above all, conformity.  It is the uncritical and unquestioning acceptance of America as it is....It rejects inquiry into race questions or socialized medicine, or public housing...regards as heinous any challenge to what is called 'the system of private enterprise,' identifying that system with Americanism.  It abandons evolution, repudiates the once popular concept of progress, and regards America as a finished product, perfect and complete." -Henry Steele Commager

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Since the Reagan administration, the image of the U.S. in the world has deteriorated substantially.  Why?  Corporations now rule the White House, and Democrat Bill Clinton also has plenty of this dirt on his hands.  But the neocons since Reagan have taken it to new heights.  We are losing what we love about the United States of America.  John McCain, a staunch supporter of the military-industrial complex with all its greed and horrors, would continue this slide downward.  

"The rule of radical market ideology that  began with Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan has ended in a loud bang.  The world is holding its breath, but also breathing a sigh of relief.  The new time that is dawning now must become our time -- the time of social democracy." -German Vice Chancellor Frank-Walter Steinmeier

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Historical misconceptions impact this election

As I have given speeches around the United States through the years, as I have written in periodicals, as I have been interviewed in the media nationwide, and during my talk radio program, it has become clear to me that many Americans have no idea about our own history.  We unfortunately think that only coloring things to make the U.S. look like "that shining city on a hill" is appropriate, and anything that is honestly and subjectively critical of this country is a sign of an unpatriotic scoundrel.  We have suffered greatly from this lack of honesty about our nation.  Indeed, we almost fell prey to an attempt to overthrow our popularly elected president, FDR, and establish a fascist-like government in the U.S.  

A recent critic of mine pointed to his father's service in World War II to indicate he saved us from communism or worse: liberalism.  But World War II was fought against fascism and Nazism, two types of government that are right-wing in their perspective and political philosophy.  In fact, Henry Ford and other American industrialists actually financed the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany.  The Ford Motor Co. and the Chase Manhattan Bank, for example, stayed open in Hitler's German territory long after Germany was killing American troops.   American bankers, as well as other European bankers, met with German and Mussolini's Italian bankers in Switzerland all through World War II.  These bankers decided to support the German military regime at first, and then met to decide how to divide up the spoils and protect German industrialists after the War.  But defeating Hitler did not end the threat of fascism, even in the U.S.

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