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Blog Oy Vey Itch and Other Acts of Political Chutzpah

It's funny.  When I don't write a column for a few weeks at a time, the stock question is "Why haven't you written something in a while?"  But when I actually do get around to posting something new, I get, "Why did you have to write about THAT?"

After being pretty consistent before the election, why did I slow down?  Why, you ask, did I post only one little blog giblet for Thanksgiving?  Well, what can I say?  In the wake of the election, everything at once became...perfect.  No complaints.  No problems.  Everyone was happy.  We made history electing our country's first African American POTUS.  We made history by having the first competent, presidential-looking president this millenium.  And, as I might humbly note, the title of my little internet-based journal here is Roasted Nuts.  Who was left to roast?  The planets were aligned in perfect harmony.

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