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Take your pick.  The list of men vying for the nomination of their party to run for President of the United States is full of swaggering buffoons, liars, adulterers, and all in the hip-pocket of some special interest groups or small list of very, very wealthy greed-mongers.

You can join a picket line of protestors.  You can sign a pledge.  You can write a letter to the editor.  You can chastise one group over another.  You can villify one political party, then put on your blinders and up-lift the other political party.

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Every candidate representing right-wing positions is extremely cirtical of President Barack Obama.  Every pol who wants greed and selfishness to rule America, loves to nit-pick Barack Obama.  Every American fascist thinks the most important  --indeed, the only-- issue to be concerned with is getting Barack Obama out of the White House.  My conclusion to all of this: Wow, he must be doing something correctly!  The Republican Party as we knew it back in the day, is dead.  It has been replaced by the most selfish and greedy ideology in the history of the United States of America.

Wouldn't you right-wingers love to get some dirt on Obama, find some hankie-pankie like that of the likes of Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Ronald Reagan, and the rest of the faux moralists who have led from the extreme right-wing [and kept their trysts and adultery in the closet]?  Oh, if only that "socialist" black man could be found to have an immoral life like the rest of the politicians who have vied for the White House, some succeeding.  Pity the selfish/rich right-wingers!  They are stuck with an opponent who is moral!  The audacity of that Negro!

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1. That humans are not influencing climate change. 

2. Being gay is a decision made by individuals, not inherited at birth.

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I severely criticized the use of the fracking method of extracting natural gas.  Its dangers to the environment are obvious, yet it continues.  But its horrible impact on peoples' lives is becoming more and more obvious.  Yet mining companies and utilities gain more and more permission to continue on with this deadly practice.  After states all over the U.S. have had horrid examples of physical and biological damage to humans, the beat goes on to use fracking to draw out more natural gas.  The extraction via fracking is anything but natural, it is a catastrophe.  Wyoming is the latest state to have human bodies wasted by fracking.  When will it ever end?  When will we ever learn?

I gave explicit examples of the long history of immoral and unethical behaviors by Newt Gingrich.  Yet he leads in the polls to receive the Republican nomination to run for President.   Huh?  More revelations and testimony by members of  his own party are being revealed every day.  Newt is not suited for anything that requires trust, honesty, and reliable human endeavor.  He is a disgrace, not only as a candidate, but he is a disgrace as a human being.

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Today in Saudi Arabia a woman was executed for practicing sorcery.  What are the laws in Saudi Arabia concerning sorcery?   They are not defined.  That is left to a judge.  The Bush family [yes, THAT Bush family] has been cozy with the Saudi family, Saudi oil and other business, etc. since about 1940.  Prescott Bush smuggled oil from Saudi Arabia into Nazi Germany.  How's that for creative capitalism?  It was against the embargo placed on Nazi Germany by the Allies.  A little law never stopped the Bush family.  This is how the Bush family fortune was established and fluorished.

George H.W. Bush today sits on Saudi boards.  His son saw to it that America made a special effort to protect Saudi Arabia.  The powerful Bush family has always encouraged Americans to ignore or look the other way concerning Saudi Arabia's horrible government and laws.  Saudi Arabia is a draconian nation.  It is like something out of the Middle Ages or worse.  Yet we blame Palestinians, whose land was taken from them to form the nation of Israel, for their actions in the Middle East.  Love the Saudis, hate the Palestinians.  That is the mantra of right-wing, capitalism greed and selectivity.

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Go to any search engine.  Part of the multitude of right-wing media that is so dominant in the U.S. got it right in advising Newt Gingrich in his run for the presidency.  Check this at any search engine: Michael Savage and Newt Gingrich.  Wonderful stuff comes up.

It isn't enough that Newt Gingrich has displayed the most horrible examples of immorality and unethcal behavior, he has even infuriated and disgusted one of the most crude right-wing media screamers: Michael Savage.  It was invevitable that these two low-lives would cross paths.  They both reside down at the bottom of the pit.  They are both bottom-feeders.  Both are examples of the worst in America.

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Get this film and watch it: "Casino Jack," starring Kevin Spacey and Kelly Preston.  It was produced in 2009 and is available on dvd.  It tells the truth about right-wing PR man, Jack Abramoff, and his trek to prison.  He brought to jail with him the former Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Tom DeLay.

All the slimey right-wing political leaders of recent vintage are clearly in sight: Senator John McCain, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Karl Rove, etc.  The list is long, and the specifics of under-the-table schemes to raise money are played out for you.  Some are marched off to jail, some are shown in their complicity.

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It is difficult to hold onto a consensus of puppets in an election if lies and deception play such a big role as it does in this formation of a ticket for the GOP nomination for President.  Therefore there has been a round robin of leaders that have risen and fallen.  The right-wing leadership never intended for Cain to get the nomination.  Perry was a possible choice, but his absolutely horrible performance in the "debates" left him as a joke, a former Governor of Texas, and to be excused for his ignorance and blind right-wing zombieism.  Michele is a flake.  The rest of the field failed to grab hold on anything but money, and not enough of that.  But over in the wings sits the man who has a growing following, a man who is not truly a Repubican, but a man who is gaining followers by default.  Who is he?  The right-wing better pay attention.  No, it isn't the Newt scum.  It is a man who stands taller and taller, and if the GOP doesn't watch out, he may run on a third party ticket and doom the right-wing.

He also comes from Texas.  But this man could pass an elementary school test, unlike Perry and Bush.

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The United States of America has been given a terrible list of potential presidential candidates and Presidents.  And the current  President is no prize.  What is wrong with America in this regard?

Going back over the past 100 years or so, the U.S. has had a sad list of presidential candidates and Presidents.  FDR was an exception, and his marvelous administration stands in stark contrast to the horrors of Ronald Reagan, Calvin Coolidge, George W. Bush, and the rest of the men who strove for mediocrity.  This nation deserve better, much better.

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"Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth."  "BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS: for they shall be called the children of God."   "Ye have heard that it hath been said, 'Thou shalt love they neighbor, and hate thine enemy.' But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you..."   "Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth..."  [from King James Bible, Matthew, chapters 5, 6, 7]

"You cannot serve God and the power of money at the same time..."    "Happy are those who claim nothing, for the whole earth will belong to them."   "Happy are those who make peace, for they will be known as the sons of God!"   [Bible, Matthew, chapter 5, J.B. Phillips translation]

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Oh, how the right-wing hypocrites love to parade their worthiness, their holiness, their high morals, their family values, the adherence to the Bible and the Constitution, their judgments on the rest of us sinners, those of us who are tainted and dirty.  Let's take a look at these chest-pounders, these flag wavers, these holy figures who think they are pulling the wool over our eyes...

Need we begin with anyone less than Newt Gingrich.  After a sleazy life of adultery, lying, getting judged by his own House as being unethical, ad infinitum, he now has the gall to tell us that is behind him and he is now a new man, a convert to Roman Catholicism.   Besides taking bribe money from government agencies and institutions recently, he was led to Catholic conversion by a Catholic woman with whom he had a relationship in adultery while he was still married.  Yes, that is Newt the Holy.

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