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Democracy nightmare: Bush-Cheney-McCain-Palin era

Haven't the neocons destroyed our Constitution and reputation enough?  You want more?!  More torture of prisoners?  More cages in Guantanamo?  No more habeas corpus?   More illegal invasions?  More lies?  More bombing civilians in night raids?  More coddling "our" Iraqi regime that is snuggling up to Iran, our supposed enemy?  More squandering of scores of billions of dollars by our "friends" in the Middle East?  More American military deaths?  More budget deficits?  More tax breaks for oil companies?  More benefits for corporations who move jobs overseas?  More political sell-outs to big corporations?  Less health care for Americans?  Bigger handouts to pharmaceutical behemoths?  More losses of international friends?  More illegal wiretapping?  More snooping on our private lives by the federal government?  More mixing of religion and government?  More of the government checking your library activities?  More of the federal government inside your doctor's office on your next visit?  More hundreds of billions of dollars in debt annually in the federal budget?  More losses of jobs overseas?  More cuts in veterans' benefits?  More cuts in student loans?  More government coziness with evangelical nutcases?  Privatizing your Social Security to the benefit of the stock market manipulators?  More disaster relief bungling?   More permitted destruction of our environment?  Less inspection of your food and drugs?  More denial of pending environmental disasters?  Refusal to recognize global warming?  Federal judge selection based on political leanings? A Supreme Court farther to the Right?  The overturn of Roe vs. Wade?  More testing and less teaching in schools?  Less support for public education?  More trillions of dollars in hand-outs to our military corporations?  More head-in-the-sand sex education?  More homophobia?  More religious mumbo-jumbo and hypocrisy in the White House?  More Capitalistic Christianity?  More Confederate flag mentality?  More of the bomb now and try diplomacy later?

some FACTS about Gov. Palin

Not opinion, just some facts about Governor Palin...remember, not opinion, but FACTS:

She tried to get books banned from the public library that she did not like when mayor.

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FDR saved democratic capitalism, Bush-McCain destroying it

As the American industrial nation was sinking deeply in the late 1920s and very early 1930s, one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history fortunately came on the scene, Franklin D. Roosevelt.  By instigating social democratic changes in the U.S. he literally saved the U.S. economy.  Today he is heralded for many "firsts" in our history, but too many other innovations have been forgotten.  All of Western European democracies have adopted many of FDR's ideas, and France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, etc. are now flourishing economies as social democracies.   And the standard of living in those countries is higher than for most Americans.   Each has a universal, national health care system, and their citizens cannot imagine the gross unfairness of what we have in the U.S.

Your parents and grandparents had their lives dramatically changed for the better with the introduction of Social Security and other social innovations.  Unfortunately, today we have neocons and a president who want to change this and privatize Social Security.  These same right-wingers tell us the federal government cannot run things related to economics and social democracy.  They seem to amazingly overlook the fact that Social Security and Medicare, two government-run programs, function smoothly at low overhead.  The only problems arise when conservatives try to tweak it.  And the neocons are certainly unable to do much with the American economy.  Look what they have done to the mortgage industry [again], the "laissez-faire" stock market greed, and all the materialistic-grubbing capitalists who want to accumulate as much for themselves as possible, and to hell with the rest of the people.  And so they continue to push for corporate welfare for themselves and begin to prey on each other.  Left to their own devices, the corporate behemoths devour everything they can...EVERYTHING.   The biggest welfare system in America is for corporations.

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This economic disaster began with Reagan

Back in 1980, a Republican-led plan to free all big business and big economic enterprises from the regulations that were put in place to protect the public were soon successful.  Since the 1930s when President Franklin Roosevelt saved the U.S. from the greed and selfish over-indulgences of large corporations by putting in place safeguards and regulations, we have had a steady and successful economic growth in America.  In 1980 the seeds for economic disaster were put in place.   With the emergence of neo-conservatism, these regulations have been sold to the American public as limiting big business.  The FDR protections were seen as holding back the engine of huge corporations.  And not only FDR was demonized, but the entire spectrum of "liberal" ideas were smeared and smudged.   Americans bought into the "better" ideas of the right-wing, and handed over to corporate behemoths the economic gift of regulation-free economics.  

The right-wing has now shown us what this "freedom" can bring.  Just as in the 1920s when Republicans ruled, big business has grabbed every handout it could get and to hell with the general public.  Increasingly, the right-wing has removed public safeguards in the economic sector.  And finally, with Newt Gingrich in Congress, they got most of the remaining safety nets removed.  The election of George W. Bush provided the final nail in the public's coffin.

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Can you imagine St. Francis packing heat?  Gandhi standing hundreds of feet from a gentle buck, doe, or fawn and killing one of them with a high-powered rifle with a telescopic scope?  How can that possibly be construed to be good parental guidance for the family or an example of  toughness (it seems just the opposite)?  All this "need" to have a gun is mixed in with conservative Christianity and out comes a strange concoction.  Show me someone who NEEDS to have a gun, and I will show you someone who probably shouldn't have one.  Guns may have some function in a democratic society, but being used to pump up some pseudo-tough-guy is not one of them.  Guns may have some function in protecting our nation from attack, but they are not to be used to lie and then invade a sovereign nation who had no connection to 9/11.  Guns may have some proper function in the 21st century, but not to provide individuals or nations with excuses to act like bullies.  Guns may have some military function, but not to help recruitment by terrorists for new members because we flaunt our weaponry.

"What would Jesus do?" is a common phrase used by especially Christian fundamentalists.  And then they act in direct opposition to the life of Jesus of Nazareth.  One does not honor the life of the Jesus portrayed in the Bible by quoting an isolated verse to justify one's own actions.  Consider the whole life of the Nazarene, and then ask what Jesus might do.  It is safe to say He would  not join the National Rifle Association.  It is safe to say he would not be the pilot of a bomber dropping bombs on civilians 30,000 feet below.

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Who knew? Bush is a Socialist

 And I  was silly enough to believe George W. Bush was a neocon Republican.  Then he goes and uses the federal budget to get all his pet projects done...going in debt to do so.  I thought that was a left-wing, Socialist act.  He thus raised taxes and created more of a debt than any president in the history of the U.S.  A conservative Republican?  Then everybody was treated equally when it came to health care, nobody could afford it.  A neocon used equality?  Like all past presidents who "started" wars, George W. Bush invaded a sovereign nation without cause?  I was told liberals did that in the past.  Wow, who knew George W. Bush was a closet left-winger?

And when greed and lies caused the banking and investment system to bring the nation to the brink of economic disaster, George W. Bush used federal government money to buy up all these corporations, and now the government is in all forms of business.  Silly me, I thought that was what happened in Socialist countries.  Wait til your grandkids get the tax bill!

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How in the world could we allow a man who never held a regular job, covered up his raunchy-checkered past, was not elected by the people of the U.S., lied to us over and over and over, invaded a sovereign nation without provocation, will leave Iraq only to have it splinter apart, gave special favors to his greedy friends in corporate America, connected personally with the head of some of the sleaziest companies in America [most of which have gone belly-up], could we allow this man to dismantle the greatest economic engine in the world and take away our leadership position globally?

George W. Bush has made the U.S. look like a population of greedy bumpkins.

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You got what you wanted. Now what?

 See a pattern?  But it is impossible to blame it all on the conservatives and Republicans.  And it is impossible to blame it all on the men and women in Congress.  And it is impossible to blame it all on politicians.  It is even impossible to put all the blame on corporations and greedy corporate big-wigs.  Heck, it is even impossible to put all the blame on evangelicals, pentecostals, and fundamentalists [though greed and gluttony are common among their money-grubbing clergy and over-done building monstrosities].  Take a look in the mirror.

We have lionized money and material things.  We have equated making money with intelligence.  We have financed business and commerce in our schools and deflated the humanities and the arts.  We have been hell-bent on indulgence and anti-intellectualism.  If you made millions, you were smart.  If you made billions, you were a genius.  Meanwhile the arts were suffering, and you were thought to be useless if you were an English or history major.   

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