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If that debt ceiling train wreck is the best Congress can do, they need to be fired.  And not only didn't they make any progress [a dirty word?], they kicked the can down the road again and went on vacation.  Every voter should show up at their town hall meetings or any public gathering they have and confront them about the idiocy of the last session.  The Congress has been hi-jacked by idiots!  It is not only the Tea Party ignorance, it is the entire Congress of all stripes.  They are not deserving of the high office they hold.  If they do not have enough insight and sensitivity to be embarrassed of themselves, then I want to state here very clearly that I AM EMBARRASSED AT THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS!

It is not an ideological fight based on principles.  It is a bunch of puppets who think they represent certain elements in the electorate that will help them get re-elected.  We need a House and Senate cleaning.  And let's not make the same mistake again and vote in people with an agenda and limited intellectual capacity [i.e. Tea Party kindergarteners].  We need intelligence.  We need principles.  We need honesty.  We need intelligent compromise.  We need people who can see past their own selfish little agenda to get re-elected.

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If you don't know why to choose Sandy Pasch over Alberta Darling in the up-coming recall election, you simply have not been paying attention.  It is not about political parties.  It is not even about political philosophies.  It is about Alberta Darling's actions showing herself unfit to hold office.

Her recent TV ads, financed by out-of-state political power groups, are atrocious.  She tries to paint Sandy Pasch as against helping vets or their families.  She tries through deceptive image and non- factual presentation to try and show Pasch as unpatriotic.  If anyone is unpatriotic, it is Alberta Darling.  She has turned herself into an undemocratic and unethical liar and deceptor.  

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The lead article in "worldwidewamm" periodical, [July/August, 2011 edition] is titled "What Does 'Material Support for Terrorism' Look Like?"  It was written by Sarah Smith.  I have suggested this periodical and this organization in the past, but this article merits special acknowledgement.

Ms. Smith is a Jewish woman.  She went to visit Israel and Palestine to see for herself what was going on.  Two of the young women she traveled with were Palestinian Americans.  Ms. Smith was not held for any length of time at the border in Israel while her two friends were detained for ten and a half hours or more.

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Ignorance is leading the U.S.  No, it is not only the Tea Party.  It is more general than that.  The U.S., the leading nation in the world [supposedly] is ignorant about the world it "leads."  A little over 30% of Americans even own a passport, in spite of the fact that one is needed even to travel to Canada and the Caribbean.  U.S. citizens are a bunch of intellectually lazy, parochial, ignorant, bigoted, uninformed people.  Our decisions are made out of ignorance not insight.  We have become a laughing stock.

We are suspicious of immigrants or people we silently dub "the other."  Yet our language comes from England, our numbers from Arab cultures, our coffee from Brazil, our autos from Japan, our computers from China, our clothing from Bangladesh, our oil from Arab nations, our fruit from Mexico and Chile, our chocolate from Africa, and on and on.  Our bigoted conclusions about the world are based on ignorance.

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Not only did Rupert Murdoch lie over and over to English officials, evidence has been presented that clearly shows hacking and other illegal matters were discussed regularly by the staff of Murdoch's papers in England.  And it looks as though old Rupert is going to throw his son to the wolves.  What else would one expect from this right-wing, sleazy entrepreneur?

I just took out a dvd movie and watched it in awe.  The title is "Casino Jack' and it stars Kevin Spacey.  Spacey was nominated for a Golden Globe last year for his role in this film.  It is the story of Jack Abrahamoff, the slick and slimey power that brought Tom DeLay to head the House of Representatives.  He was involved with almost every right-wing politician in Washington.  His involvement is portrayed with President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain, Tom DeLay, and most of the right-wing leaders in Washington.  His holier-than-thou dealings with Jewish and Christian leaders is shown.  He cheated the American Indians in his dealing with them regarding casino licenses.  Is this all true?  Well, folks, names are mentioned, specific events and incidences are mentioned, etc.  The crude and corrupt nature of Republican leadership is laid bare.  One would think that lawsutis would be flying if the film told lies.  But it doesn't.  It TELLS THE TRUTH.

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Rick Perry has yet to tell the truth.  Unemployment in Texas is extremely high.  Education in Texas is not balanced, as Perry would have you believe.  Perry even jogs with a weapon on his person.  He did not create jobs as Texas governor, in fact, allowing for people who had moved into that warm weather state, employment actually went down as a percentage.  Perry was a Democrat until he realized that would not get him elected.

And Perry wants the White House to be a revival tent for pentecostals, fundamentalists, and others who mix error-filled Bible interpretations with mythology.  Ask any theologian.  His facts about Christianity are the stuff of myths.  Just believe it as Perry tells it and you will be saved (and rich) (and employed) (and...well, you get the idea).  Ask him about his old buddy, Al Gore, and how he explains that away.  Would you really want to be a friend of Rick Perry's?  Really?

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We are regularly fed a diet of comments about the tax hell that Wisconsin and other states are for corporations.  No wonder they move to China, India, Mexico, etc.!  If only we would lower corporate taxes, jobs would magically be created and the U.S. would be heaven. 

Like the rhetoric of Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, this is fantasyland.  Just like all the horror stories about Obamacare, the lies flow like a tidal wave.  Oh, the poor corporations.  Let's take a look...

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Comparisons can be difficult.  However as it relates to one particular man, it is easy.  Let's begin the comparison with a list of people who were given much.  They received a family inheritance.  They used greed to accumulate wealth.  They misused power.  It was thought to be heroic by one guy who invaded the tiny island of Grenada with the most powerful military in the world.  The same guy sheepishly pulled American troops out of Lebanon when confronted.

Some of the guys thought brandishing a weapon made them more masculine.  Some were nothing without a weapon or massive military behind them.  Some gained fame by discrediting others.  Some used racism and bigotry to further their "popularity."  Some were outright stupid and without the advantage of money or inherited power, they would have been nothing.  Some were viscious.  Some schemed against their perceived enemies.  And so it goes throughout American history.

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The first months in office for the Bush administration looked promising.  Relative peace ruled the earth.  Bush inherited a huge federal budget surplus.  But it was not enough to overcome George W. Bush's own shortcomings: aptitude and telling the truth.

Not telling the truth was a hallmark of the Bush administration.  Its negative effects on the U.S. and the world was heightened by Bush's selection of a cabinet and advistors.  John Ashcroft, an amazingly poor choice for Attorney General, began his term by covering the "naked" statues in the Capitol.  Advisors sought to bring to fruition their desire to invade Iraq long before 9-11, and to give perks to big corporations who were either former employers, campaign contributors, or greedy military-industrial giants who liked to throw around terms like "patriotic" or "defend the American people" or "support our troops."  And so a series of lies and deceptions were planned before 9-11, but the Twin Towers helped to grease the slide into the chaos, deaths,, and economic disaster that would characterize the Bush administration.

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