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It is now quite clear that the banks and other financial institutions scream against government interference, but when they screw up money matters badly, they scream for the government to help them.   It seems that when they are making money and getting huge bonuses they bravely broadcast against the government, but when things get tough, help!  They want all of the benefits and bonuses but none of the risks.  Disgusting.  This is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to our current capitalist beggars.  Since Ronald Reagan schemed in the White House to secret arms deals with Iran for money to support the illegal Contras, the double standard among wealthy right-wingers has been rampant.  Perhaps the saddest part of it is how they have used lobbyists to hood-wink the average American.

By all accounts, the Cash for Clunkers program has not only worked but has been a huge success.  The federal government came up with a wonderful way to jump-start the auto industry in the U.S. AND get rid of some of the old gas-guzzlers.  One problem: the auto dealers, those local capitalists, have tried to scam the system in many places.  They had signed deals with customers to sell a car, then they pulled the old double-switch and told the customers that the car price was higher but don't worry you are still getting a good deal with the government's help.  And now some dealers are complaining that they are selling too many cars and hate to wait for the government's reimbursement.  There is no end to greed.

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It is important that I pause here to thank all the people who posted comments on my blog.  It is greatly appreciated.  Such loyalty is amazing.  ALL of your comments support my blog's perspective.  The difference is between those who realize this, and those who do not.  In any case, thanks.


After years of carrying the pure banner of Christian principles and family values, the conservatives have been uncovered for their two-faced lives.  Hypocrisy, found in both political parties, was used majestically by the conservatives.  They condemned every moral slip by "the other guy."  JFK, Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton were favorite targets of the hypocritical right-wing.  But as immorality and double-standards in the right-wing became abundantly clear, there is now a hint that their judging the other guy may stop.  There is hope.  But those who practice such two-faced lying hold onto their deception firmly.

There should be no need to go to a list of immoral activities by right-wingers.  It is all-too-common to try and hide.  George W. Bush's early years have been touched-up a bit.  Ronald Reagan was a playboy in Hollywood even while married.  Newt Gingrich had a lifestyle that could only be termed "sleazy."  Henry Hyde led the fight to impeach Clinton while he tried to cover up his own adultery.  The list goes on.

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"We have among us a class of mammon worshippers whose one test of conservatism or radicalism is the attitude one takes with respect to accumulated wealth.  Whatever tends to preserve the wealth of the wealthy is called conservatism, and whatever favors anything else, no matter what, they call socialism." -Ronald T. Ely

"Callous greed grows pious very fast." -Lillian Hellman

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As Rush Limbaugh refers to Obama's plans as Nazi, he totally misunderstands what Nazi philosophy is.  It is an extreme right-wing perspective.  I don't think even Rush thinks Obama is a extreme right-winger.  I guess trying to label Obama as a socialist didn't work, so try the other direction.  Sad.

The Nazi and fascist philosophy was tied up in Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.  Hitler especially was helped to power by American capitalists who financed him.  It is well established about what direction Nazi and fascist perspective heads.  You will find it is a right-wing philosophy.  Quotes:

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Use any search engine to find tons of undemocratic material posted by the right-wing, the neocon thugs.  [see below for a suggestion]  They tell you how to stop any health care reform.  They suggest that you go to town hall meetings of U.S. Senators and Congresspersons, disperse in the crowd to make you look like a bigger group, and then begin shouting as soon as the town hall opens for questions.  And keep shouting and shout louder and be more aggressive and threatening to the leader of the town hall.  This is the "democracy" of the right wing in America.  It is exactly how the Nazis came to power in Germany.  They turned democratic gatherings into melees and disruptive fights.  There is no room for the opinions of others.  There is no room for democracy for the right-wing, period.

"When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff." -Marcus Cicero

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Almost daily we are informed about some new electronic marvel that will make our lives better.  Whether it is in cyberspace, music, literature, telephones, communication, storage, autobiographical info, personal indulgent data, ad infinitum,  I ask you to consider --just consider and ponder-- the following...

With all the amazing electronic gadgetry and musical "instrumentation," has the music gotten better?

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With the obvious need for health care facing us, why would people lie to prevent it?  Under the current, heavily flawed system, it will bankrupt the U.S., and with poorer results than in nations with universal health care.  We spend much, much more than the industrialized nations who have better health care outcomes.  How and why would people lie, cheat, give out misinformation, connive, scheme, distort, scare, shout, confuse, and use all sorts of thuggery to prevent health care reform from happening?

Right-wing groups have said that the AARP opposes health care reform.  That is blatantly a lie.  The AARP is spending money in the media  to promote health care reform and criticize those who use lies and scare tactics to prevent reform from happening.  Is it just the highly-paid lobbying of the insurance companies?  That accounts for some of it.  But it is somewhat understandable inasmuch as these insurance companies have been bilking the public and playing a shell game with coverage to garner immense profits.  But there is more to this story of disception.

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Mayor Tom Barrett: Speedy Recovery, Old Friend

Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, is a decent man.  He is a good family man.  He is an honest man.  Tom Barrett loves the city he serves.

Over this past weekend, while leaving the Wisconsin State Fair with family and friends, he confronted a man threatening a grandmother and her one-year-old grandchild.  The man beat Mayor Barrett with a metal pipe.  The Mayor was seriously injured and hospitalized.

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Over 30 years ago I moved away from Wisconsin.  When I left the state I thought that our governors were about average for U.S. states.  After a few years,  I was watching TV in Kansas City and saw an interview with the Governor of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson.  I was absolutely shocked.  I thought to myself, "Wow, the people of Wisconsin have made a terrrible mistake in electing this guy.  He is a buffoon at best."  I sure was wrong,  He was re-elected.  Now having moved back to Wisconsin, I still cannot understand why that guy was ever elected to anything.  He is an embarrassment to this state.

Perhaps it was Thompson's drinking.  Perhaps it was his womanizing.  And with the revelations coming out about other state governors, especially Republicans like Thompson, perhaps my opinion of governors was too high from the beginning.

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Faced with a horrendous legacy of the George W. Bush years, President Barack Obama has done a remarkable job of righting the ship in many ways.  He appears to have turned around the financial abyss that Bush left him.  He is hastening the exit from our illegal war in Iraq.  He is trying to overcome the myriad mistakes that Bush made early in the war in Afghanistan when defeating the terrorists was a real possibility, as was capturing bin Laden in Torah Borah.  And he certainly has regained respect for the U.S. and re-built trust among the world's nations.

However he never should have allowed Congress to take the initial steps in health care reform.  He should have laid out a reform plan and presented it to the Congressional leadership.  Instead, every screwball in America has weighed in from the beginning with crackpot ideas, lies, lies, lies, distortion, ridiculous proposals, and all this wasted time has now seen a hodge-podge of legislation proposals that has confused everybody.  The Republicans were determined to defeat ANY health care reform proposals that the Democrats introduced.  It is a shell game being played by the right-wing.  No matter how conciliatory the reform is proposed, the Republicans will simply move the goal posts.

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Hundreds of years ago, Jews began to migrate into Europe.  They found prejudice and bigotry everywhere.  To survive, they found a kink in the armor of all these "proper" Christian Europeans.  Their Christian puritanical streak would not allow them to loan money at a profit or interest.  Christian principles had nothing to do with it, it was a way for the rich to remain with their riches and for the poor to stay poor.  The Jews, who had no such double-standards and hypocrisy in the matter, found that they could make a living by giving out loans at a rate of interest.  Thus evolved the Jewish businessman.  The hypocritical Christians never fully forgave them for "taking advantage" of the hypocrisy, and bigotry fluorished through pogroms and other atrocities aimed at Jews.  The Holocaust was the culmination of "Christian" retribution against the Jews for being less hypocritical and making a profit from it. 

This European hypocrisy naturally found its way to the new United States of America.  American founders wrote lofty ideals into the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  However these neat sounding ideals did not translate to blacks, Chinese, Hispanics, or women.  From Day One, the United States of America has lived a lie.  Minorities, including gays, have had to fight hard for their rights.  Yet the Constitution was supposed to protect the rights of minorities.  Tell that to the "Real Americans" who think otherwise, and pass judgment on minorities of various stripes, including our current President.  To read American history is to read the history of a nation whose struggles have been dominated by bigotry, hatred, attempts at exclusion, violence against minorities, racism, sexism, ageism, ad infinitum.  Pick up an American history textbook and see it boldly dominating.

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To those who want to focus the life of Edward Kennedy on one incident in his life for which he should forever have been ashamed, I ask you to simply notice the avalanche of accoldades coming from the conservative leaders, past and present.  Note what is being stated clearly by Nancy Reagan, by politicians of the right-wing with names like Hatch, Romney, etc.  And from more moderate Republicans like John McCain.  Note especially how Teddy was able to work with those across the aisle to pass over 300 bills that bear his name and are now law.  Note how he was able to work with President George W. Bush to pass educational legislation.

If some  right-wingers still insist in Ted Kennedy's recent death to overlook the favorable comments by their supposed right-wing brothers and sisters, it requires those from the left to work at subduing their comments about the tsunami of right-wing adulterers, immoral people, smarmy actions which are far more common among conservative politicians. 

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Far too many Americans think the group of early leaders in the founding of the United States of America were devout Christians.  And the same Americans who believe this place all kinds of denominational or specific Christian interpretations on these guys.  While they each held to the various flavors of religion, many were very bigoted and judgmental of others as they are today.   It is impossible to make statements about their all being Christians and coming anything close to the truth.  At best, regarding religion, many were Deists.  Some were atheists.  Some were Quakers.  And just as today, the silly list of beliefs goes on.  Here are some quotes from the early American leaders;  judge for yourself...

"Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded faith." -Thomas Jefferson

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