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Mission: Implausible

We've witnessed, truly, a defining moment in world history this week.  After the debate between Sen. Joe Biden and Tina Fey, er, Sarah Palin, came to a close the word "maverick" became, officially, a big honkin' cliche.  I said it before, I'll say it again:  you can't call yourself a maverick and actually be a maverick.  There's nothing "mavericky".  

Meanwhile, John McCain must be living in a bubble, because he thought the governor performed magnificently.  And it's true, she did beat the spread by actually creating complete grammatical sentences a few times during the debate.  Her third grade advisors were definitely on their game.  With apologies to Senator Biden, whenever I listen to Sarah Palin, here's what I hear when she speaks:  a noun, a verb, and "maverick".  Enough already!

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City of Glendale: Thinking Big

I just wanted to post a quickie today to inform everyone out there that Glendale will have on its agenda today an item regarding terminating its agreement for marketing with the former Greater Milwaukee Convention and Visitors Bureau, now Visit Milwaukee.  The idea is, if I understand it correctly, that Glendale collects a hotel tax which is used in part to feed Visit Milwaukee's marketing budget.  According to a recent news article, 35% of that tax goes to Visit Milwaukee. 

The objective here, I suppose, is twofold.  First, Visit Milwaukee is not Visit Glendale.  We might get more bang for our buck if we focus our energies on our own community.  Second, it keeps our tax dollars right here in Glendale.

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Trick or Treat!


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Extreme Makeover: Wasilla Edition *UPDATED!!*

Coming soon to a store near you:  The Palin Collection.  By RNC. 

Two days ago, I was getting psyched to write about the latest revelation about the Vice Maverick.  An AP investigation revealed that Sarah Palin had charged to the State of Alaska about $21,000 in travel expenses for her children.  Here's the fun part:  After reporters started to snoop around in her executive affairs, she ordered the expense vouchers she submitted changed to suggest her familys' presence was official.  This included hotels, air fare, and, of course, a snowmobile race.   A snowmobile race?  You know what I say to that?  MUSH!  MUSH!  The governor justified those expenses by claiming that her daughters were invited to participate in official functions, an assertion that has been notably refuted.  It seems, instead, that Governor Palin would either ask the event sponsor to invite her family, or they'd just show up.  As far as I know, she hasn't explained why she changed the bills before investigators got to them. Three weeks before Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain chose Palin his running mate, and after Alaska reporters asked for the records, Palin ordered changes to those expense reports, previously filed. In the newly polished documents, Palin added phrases such as "First Family attending" and "First Family invited" to explain and justify the girls' attendance. 

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If you believe....

...the Republicans, then Barack Obama is an extremist Black Christian.  He's also an extremist Muslim.  If you believe the Republicans, then Barack Obaama is an anarchist.  A socialist.  A marxist.  The most absent senator in Congress.  He's also the most liberal senator in Congress.  He's a foreign born Muslim!  No, he's the New York liberal elite!  If you believe the Republicans, then Barack Obama is an Indonesian-born citizen constitutionally unqualified to serve as President.  He's also a member of the New York liberal elite.  He's also .  As well as foreign-born evangelical Christian Muslim extremist bent on anarchy, socialism,

Is the Presidency becoming damaged good?

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