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Why isn't my TV working?

 This is really frustrating.  I went to sleep last night and the television was working fine.  Norm MacDonald had just come out to greet Conan O'Brien on the Tonight Show.  I vaguely recall my wife that floating state between awake and asleep...grab the remote.  I didn't think much of it at the time.

But when I woke up. nothing worked.  No Matt Lauer.  No Diane Sawyer.  Just snow.  In June.

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It's Not All Greek To Me! (a review of Gyro Palace) ** updated: Does Roasted Nuts have a Greek Restaurant Muse?

 Growing up, greek meant Mel Brooks' History of the World Part I and Animal House (TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!).  Years later, settling in Glendale, I've often been asked if I thought anything was missing.  To that, I've replied, simply, yes:  a Greek restaurant.  Now that Glendale is complete, I have no reason ever to leave again. 

See I never lived on the east side, but I used to hang out there all the time.  I've been to Greek Town in Chicago numerous times, too.  Quite simply, I love Greek food.

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Did Something Happen to Michael Jackson? -UPDATED

 I have to say that I've been exceedingly frustrated at the lack of coverage over Ed McMahon's death.  It's not like anything else is going on in the world.  

Just to keep track of celebrity deaths over the last few months:

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