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Will the Sheriff round up a posse to go after those felons? And do we really need more guns on the street?

I haven't exactly been taking a sabbatical from Roasted Nuts.  I haven't exactly had writer's block, either. Rather, I've just been so inundated with ideas inside my brilliant mind that I haven't been able to piece them all together.

My brilliance.  It's a blessing and a curse.  In any event, today will be about little more than a few rants and rambles about felons and guns.  We hit on each of the 3 big law enforcement gurus in today's Roasted Nuts.  

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Blowing Things Up Out Of Proportion? Making Mountains out of Molehills?

Sigh, my faith in humanity has been shaken, and I'm just not certain where to go with it. 

Call them Bosom Buddies:  Miss California USA and Carrie Prejean.  It appears that venerable news organizations such as TMZ have reported that--gasp!--Carrie Prejean's bosom was enhanced!  And what's worse--gasp!--Miss California USA loaned her the money to do it!  And it appears now that the organization is countersuing for a return of the implants!

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