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Pasch. Vote Pasch. Bye Bye 'berta!

Although I haven't been blogging a lot recently, it's not for want of opinion.  It's that I can't keep up with all of the GOP nuttiness in our state and in Washington.  With that in mind, and in reverse chronological order, I'd like to take a few moments to air some of my pet peeves over the last several months.

1)  Justices shouldn't choke each other.  I don't know, and won't allege, whether Prosser committed a crime.  However, he's acted with clear malice towards Bradley and Abrahamson in the past year, using the "B" word.  Totally inappropriate.  When called out for using the term, he reportedly blamed them for "setting a trap".  Come on.  Kudos to the powers that be in Madison for seeking a special prosecutor, though. 

2)  If the Republicans want to claim their attacks on Obama aren't racist, their congressional delegates shouldn't call him a "tar baby".  (See:  Lamborn, Doug (R-Co)).  Saying, as Lamborn did, that Obama should forgive him because Obama is a "man of character", is condescending, to boot. 

3)  $250,000 a year is not just "scraping by".  According to Alberta Darling, $250,000 per year is "small business people", not rich.  (reported in  Stop whining about raising taxes on the rich in a poor economy.  They're not paying their fair share and leaving it on the backs of the middle class. 

4)  Alberta Darling voted in favor of concealed carry legislation, but against background checks for teachers and administrators in voucher schools.   Huh.  (, citing 8/2 press release from Sandy Pasch)

5)  Americans for Prosperity?  Or Americans for Deception?  For months we've known the elections are August 9.  Don't send out a request to return absentee ballots AFTER the election. Maybe we should start calling the Republicans what they really are--Decepticons.

6)  Phone hacking is illegal identity theft.  Voicemail access is a crime, not a story.  Boo Hoo, Bill O'Reilly. 

7) The governor didn't give the North Shore "tools".  The governor IS a tool.

8)  Unions don't just serve their own.  They protect the rights of everyone by helping to establish standards of working conditions and individual rights that become the foundation of a safe, productive workforce.  Republicans should worry less about bringing about the death of unions and more about staving off the death of our economy.  


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