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The Final Frontier....Airlines, that is...

 I don't know what's worse--that the uppercrusters at Frontier Airlines think all we care about is the cookies, or that the oafs at the journal sentinel think we're so insecure about our food issues here that we need reassurance in the headlines.

Case in point:  Republic Airways announced (big surprise), it would be dropping the Midwest name from their, planes.... as of 2011, and replacing them with more panoramic animal pictures.  I guess Frontier's plane designs are the Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom of plane designs. 

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Spill, Baby, Spill!

We're no longer on the eve of an environmental disaster.  This is the day of environmental disaster.  As reports flood in that oil has already reached the shores of Louisiana, many of us are asking, "Why?"  Others are asking, "How?"  And finally, Republicans are asking, "So what?" 

Well, that last one isn't exactly true.  Or fair.  But Republicans have done the equivalent of turning their heads in the air, looking around, and asking, "Hmm?  What?  Did you say something?".  They're ignoring what's going on around us.  That is, except Bobby Jindal, who yesterday declared a state of emergency for Louisiana, asking the National Guard to be mobilized.  And, of course, except for Charlie Crist..who has now taken a serious look at his position on drilling.  But don't worry folks, these guys won't be Republicans for long.  They're obviously too sensible and moderate to appeal to the newly rabid core constituency. 

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