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I came, I saw, I Pic

    Ahh, the summer is finally upon us.  Summer, the time of year when the weather finally gets so nice we want to go outside.  And then drive to our local multiplex.  My personal recommendation is to run to IPic.  Sure, I have a few concerns, but it's hard for me, a movie junkie/entertainment geek, to argue with results.  And for me, results mean a great picture, great sound, and an overall great movie-going experience.

    Oh, sure, I was skeptical when I heard about a movie theatre that had a mere 6 screens, all of which with 60 or 100 seats, approximately (as opposed to roughly several hundred seats at a standard multiplex.  Reserved seating, higher ticket prices.  I thought the idea was a little too upscale and couldn't work in today's theatre business environment with an emphasis on big screens, expensive concessions, constant advertisements, PG-13 movies, and teenagers.  I also thought it wouldn't work in our area.  Then it happened.  Christmas Day.  My wife and I longed to see a movie and hadn't been out of the house since our daughter was born.  What can I say?  It was convenient, a good time, and actually affordable. 

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