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ENDORSEMENTS: PROMOTE JUDGE LIPSCOMB. Also, Watts, Abrahamson, Evers, Franklin and Franklin

Not that I actually have influence, but given my rather inflated sense of self-importance, I figure that if I present my endorsements to my viewers today, I can at least feel that I have influence. With that said, here are my endorsements for the Spring election, all of which are non partisan (although you might have trouble believing it).

Let's start with Branch 6 Circuit Court Judge. Christopher Lipscomb's the guy. With 17 years of experience as a municipal prosecutor, as well as a wide-ranging private practice and elective experience as a municipal judge, Lipscomb is the guy. I don't know how or why his competition, Brostrom, has been able to play the experienced prosecutor card, given that her prosecutorial experience consists of only a two month stint in the DA's office. Whatever. She's probably well-versed, savvy, and a true community leader. Those qualities are all great. But for breadth of knowledge, experience, and prior judicial experience, Lipscomb gets the edge. Promote Judge Lipscomb.

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Glendale Businesses and Residents: Would You Like To Sponsor Glendale Days?

You really can get more bang for your buck! Every year, Glendale Days produces a guide to the festivities in which we place advertisements from local businesses and individuals. Every year, the program book is mailed to every home in Glendale and distributed throughout the community. The rates are hard to beat, too! The deadline for placing an ad in the 2009 book has been extended, but is fast approaching. If you or your local business would like to sponsor an add in the schedule/coupon book, please contact me via email or my cell phone at 414 803 9343. We have packages that can fit even the tightest budget in this difficult year, from one-line thank you's to full page. Let's make this year's Glendale Days the best one yet!

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